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The Best GT Beyblade in 2022 – Reviews & Buying Guide

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From comic books, playsets to toy cars, the world of toys has tons of remarkable things for kids to enjoy. But, one game that has proven to be quite quintessential to most kids, teens, and adults alike is the Beyblade game. Played using the best GT Beyblade, this game has grown to become a phenomenal kids’ game following the amount of incredible fun it offers to kids and adults.

Originally created by a Japanese Company named Takara Tomy, this game has rapidly spread across the globe making it one of the greatest indoor kids games of all time. One of the major reasons for its success is the release of the Beyblade animated series that explained the exact storyline behind the game.

Lastly, to play the Beyblade game, you must have the bey top and a launcher. Bey tops come in four major types that are attack type, defense type, stamina type, and balance type beys. Each bey consists of three parts that include the attack ring/energy layer, forge disc, and the performance tip. So, without any further ado, this guide will discuss ten of the best Beyblade tops that will help you have action-packed fun in the comfort of your homes.



Best GT Beyblade: Editor’s Top Picks


Top 10 Best GT Beyblade Reviews:


1. BEYBLADE Burst Rise Hypersphere Vortex Climb Battle Set


BEYBLADE Burst Rise Hypersphere Vortex Climb...

Product Specifications

  • Recommended Age: 8-Years and Up
  • Model Number: E7621AC0
  • Package Details: Beystadium, 2 launchers, & 2 right-spin tops
  • Dimensions: 3.66 x 20.39 x 14.02 inches

Whether you’re planning to enjoy the game alone or with your friends, the BEYBLADE Burst Rise Hypersphere Battle Set is a rare gem that will give you everything you need to enjoy the fun. In this set, you’ll be welcomed with 2 right-spin battling tops that include a Dragon D5 balance type top and an Apocalypse A5 attack type top.

Besides, you’ll get two launchers and a Hypersphere Vortex Climb Beystadium. Now, why is this the best GT Beyblade in the world? Well, first, most of the parts included in this deal are completely customizable. The Beystadium has an elevated part called a Battle Axis that’s removable to create more playing fun. The battling tops, on the other hand, have customizable energy layers that can be interchanged with other right-spin GT chips.

Like most modern Beyblade sets, this one too is equipped with a scan-able code on the energy layers. With this piece of technology, players can unlock digital battles via the Beyblade Burst App to enjoy more epic fun. If you’re looking forward to shouting “3,2,1 Let It Rip!” with some confidence, then you need to add the BEYBLADE Burst Rise Hypersphere Battle Set in your gaming arsenal.

Highlighted Features

  • The Beystadium has four playing sections that create wild fun
  • The Beystadium can be customized to meet your playing demands
  • The package comes complete with a Beystadium, launchers, and battling tops
  • The battling tops can be interchanged with specific right-spin chips
  • There are scan-able codes on the tops’ energy layers to unlock digital battles

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2. Beyblade Burst Turbo Slingshock Rail Rush Battle Set


BEYBLADE Burst Turbo Slingshock Rail Rush Battle...

Product Specifications

  • Age Group: 8-Years & Up
  • Dimensions: 54 x 16.93 x 14.57 inches
  • Model Number: E3629
  • Package Details: Beystadium, 2 right-spin bey tops & 2 universal launchers

The Beyblade Burst Turbo Slingshock Battle Set is another package that offers cool features that are designed to meet your needs and desires. The package includes a Beyblade Burst Beystadium, two universal launchers, and two right-spinning battling tops. The Beystadium itself is constructed with four sections that include a collision center, a dual rail system, a speed cradle, and a launching zone.

The bey tops on their side consist of a Wonder Valtryek V4 Attack type top and a Z Achilles A4 balance type top. The attack type bey is equipped with a D51 forge disc, TA15-S performance tip, and a Wonder Valtryek V4 energy layer. On the other hand, the balance type bey has a D52 forge disc, TB09-S performance tip, and a Z Achilles A4 energy layer.

As the 3rd Gen of the Beyblade franchise, the Beyblade Burst Turbo Slingshock Battle Set is equipped with the latest Slingshock technology that lets you switch from Battle Ring mode to Slingshock mode. While the Battle Ring mode uses a normal performance tip, the Slingshock mode uses a special tip with excellent rail-riding capabilities.

Highlighted Features

  • The set comes as a complete package with the Beystadium, bey tops, and launchers
  • The bey tops can be interchanged with other Beyblade Burst tops
  • A scan-able code lets you unlock digital battles
  • The Beystadium has different parts where you can launch your attacks
  • There’s the option of choosing between Battle Ring and Slingshock modes

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3. Beyblade Burst Evolution Elite Warrior 4-Pack


Hasbro Beyblade Burst Evolution Elite Warrior...

Product Specifications

  • Age Group: 8-Years and Up
  • Dimensions: 5 x 10 x 7 inches
  • Model Number: ‎E2458AC1
  • Package Details: 4 x Right-Spin Bey Tops

The Beyblade Burst Evolution Elite Warrior 4-Pack is an easy less sophisticated set that promises a pleasant Beyblade experience without having to break the bank. This pack comes with four exclusive Beyblade tops that include the attack, defense, stamina, and balance type tops.

With this set, you’ll anticipate getting the 1st Gen Draciel S and Dranzer S energy layers and the 3rd Gen Xcalius X2 and Genesis Valtryek V3 energy layers. To enjoy wild fun, each of these battling tops is customizable meaning you can swap the energy layers, forge discs, and performance tips to create the best GT Beyblade combo. These bey tops are right-spin meaning you’ll have to get a right-sided launcher to give the battling tops the right energy and aggression.

The Beyblade Burst Evolution Elite Warrior 4-Pack feature plastic parts that are very easy to assemble. The game has a recommended age bracket of 8-years and above meaning, it can be played by kids, teens, and adults. It comes with scan-able codes that let you transfer the game from the actual Beystadium to a virtual stadium via the Beyblade Burst App.

Highlighted Features

  • This package consists of 4 right-spin bey tops
  • The tops can burst into pieces when attacked to create explosive fun
  • The pieces can be interchanged to create customized Bey warriors
  • The pieces are plastic made thus making assembly easier
  • There’s a scan-able code to unleash more gaming fun via the Beyblade app

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4. BEYBLADE Burst Rise Hypersphere Vertical Drop Battle Set


BEYBLADE Burst Rise Hypersphere Vertical Drop...

Product Specifications

  • Age Group: 8-Years & Up
  • Dimensions: 54 x 17.76 x 14.02 inches
  • Model Number: E7609AC1
  • Package Details: Beystadium, 2 launchers & 2 battling tops

The BEYBLADE Burst Rise Hypersphere Battle Set is an excellent choice for demanding Beyblade players looking forward to enjoying some explosive fun. This set comes with all the pieces needed to enjoy the game. For instance, there’s a rounded battle arena, 2 universal launchers, and two right-spin battling tops that include an Ace Dragon D5 attack type and a Bushin Ashindra A5 defense type bey tops.

Now, other than the pieces, this Beyblade Burst Battle set is equipped with a unique Hypersphere technology. This technology is what is used on these beys’ performance tips to give them the ability to climb up the vertical wall to launch explosive attacks on opposition beys. The Beystadium itself consists of 3 sections where the beys compete in head-to-head collisions in exciting battles.

Since this game is intended for kids, both of these bey tops are designed with a unique color combination. They also come with two universal left/right launchers that have long ripcords and ergonomic handles. This battle set also comes with a scan-able code on the vertical wall of the Beystadium where players can unlock virtual Beystadiums to create more fun via the Beyblade app.

Highlighted Features

  • The package comes with attack type and defense type tops
  • The Beystadium consists of three sections that create added fun
  • The launchers are universal meaning they can launch both to the left and right
  • The Hypersphere technology allows the battling tops to climb up the vertical wall
  • The energy layers of these tops can be interchanged with similar GT chip tops

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5. Beyblade Burst Rise Hypersphere Battle Heroes 3-Pack


BEYBLADE Burst Rise Hypersphere Battle Heroes...

Product Specifications

  • Age Group: 8-Years & Up
  • Model Number: F1156
  • Dimensions: 6 x 9 x 2 inches
  • Package Details: 3 Battle Tops
  • Technology: Hypersphere

The Beyblade Burst Rise Hypersphere Battle Heroes 3-Pack is an excellent pick to those players looking to make their Beyblade experience a little more entertaining. In this package, you’ll be welcomed with three battle heroes that are the Ace Dragon D5 (right-spin attack top), Rudr R5 (right-spin balance top), and Viper Hydrax H5 (left-spin defense top).

To engage in epic battles, players must battle inside a Hypersphere Beystadium. The reason why this is important is that each of the tips on these tops is a Hypersphere performance tip meaning they can climb up the vertical wall. With this technology, the attacking beys can easily climb and attack their opponents with more power and aggression.

As you can see, these battle heroes come as a mix of right and left spin tops. To enjoy the game, you need to get universal left/right spin launchers. Other than that, these battle heroes are entirely customizable with other GT chip-compatible tops. This allows you to create customized warriors with advanced features. There’s also a scan-able code on each bey top’s energy layer where you can unlock virtual battles via the Beyblade Burst app.

Highlighted Features

  • These tops are equipped with Hypersphere performance tips for more thrilling fun
  • These tops require a Hypersphere Beystadium, which is quite easy to procure
  • The battling tops have interchangeable energy layers
  • The scan-able codes allow you to unlock digital battles
  • These tops allow both single and multiplayer capability

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6. BEY SPS Volt Knockout Battle Set


BEYBLADE Burst Surge Speedstorm Volt Knockout...

Product Specifications

  • Dimensions: 54 x 17.84 x 14.02 inches
  • Technology: Hypersphere
  • Model Number: F0525
  • Package Details: Beystadium, 2 Launchers & 2 Battle Tops

One of the unique features of most Beyblade Burst tops is that they’re designed to explode into pieces when attacked during head-to-head collisions. This creates explosive fun that makes the game realistic and more captivating. The Beyblade Burst Bey SPS Volt Knockout Battle Set is one of the finest contenders if you’re looking to enjoy a similar playing experience.

With this set, you’ll be welcomed with a Hypersphere Vertical Drop Beystadium, two universal left/right launchers, and two right-spin battling tops. The Beyblade Burst GT tops include an Ace Dragon D5 attack-type top and a Bushin Ashindra A5 defense top. As always, the defense top is designed to rotate with a lot of patience while waiting for opposition tops to attack.

On the other hand, the attack-type top is designed to spin around the Beystadium with a lot of aggressiveness. But, rather than just spinning and launching blunt attacks, this battle set is equipped with a Hypersphere technology that allows the tops to climb up the Beystadium to launch more aggressive attacks with tremendous speed and power. Besides, these tops have interchangeable parts that let you customize battle heroes to enjoy infinite fun.

Highlighted Features

  • The package comes with everything needed to enjoy the game
  • The beys are equipped with Hypersphere technology for more added fun
  • The launchers are universal meaning they launch on both left and right sides
  • The GT chips on the energy layers are interchangeable
  • There are scan-able codes that let you unlock more thrilling fun via the Beyblade App

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7. Beyblade Burst Rise Hypersphere Battle Guardians 3-Pack


BEYBLADE Burst Rise Hypersphere Battle Guardians...

Product Specifications

  • Dimensions: 6 x 9 x 2 inches
  • Technology: Hypersphere
  • Age Group: 8-Years & Up
  • Model Number: F1154
  • Package Details: 3 x Bey Tops

When picking Beyblade tops, one thing you need to understand is that a costly and more sophisticated set will not guarantee you pleasant fun. Instead, what you need is a starter pack that’s capable of meeting all your playing needs and demands. The Beyblade Burst Rise Hypersphere Battle Guardian 3-Pack is among those sets that will offer you a unique entertaining option.

With this pack, you’ll get at least three battle heroes that include the Solar Sphinx S5, Gargoyle G5, and Sword Valtryek V5. Both Solar Sphinx S5 and Sword Valtryek V5 are attack-type tops while Gargoyle G5 is a defense-type top. The best thing about these tops is that they’re all right-spin meaning you’ll only need a right-spin launcher to launch them.

Something else about these tops is that they’re equipped with the latest Hypersphere technology. What this means is that you need to have a special Hypersphere Beystadium to enjoy the fun. Unfortunately, the Beystadium is not part of the deal so you’ll have to buy it separately. But, other than that, the Beyblade Burst Rise Hypersphere 3-Pack is an amazing package that will offer your kids hours of uninterrupted fun.

Highlighted Features

  • This package comes with 2 attack and one defense type tops
  • The tops are equipped with Hypersphere performance tips to create thrilling fun
  • These tops can burst into pieces to make the game more entertaining
  • The GT chips on these tops are interchangeable for easy customization
  • There are scan-able codes on each top’s energy layer

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8. Beyblade Burst Rise Hypersphere Command Dragon D5 Starter Pack


Beyblade Burst Rise Hypersphere Command Dragon D5...

Product Specifications

  • Age Group: 8-Years & Up
  • Model Number: E9241
  • Package Details: Bey top & Launcher

The Beyblade Burst Rise Hypersphere Command Dragon D5 is a superb alternative if you’re looking for the best Beyblade burst top to help you during offensive play. As an attack-type top, this bey is one of the finest Beyblades that have left a mark in this business. Made from one of the leading Beyblade manufacturers, the Command Dragon D5 is made from solid parts that make it highly resistant to damage.

But, this is not the reason why exactly this bey top is at the top. One of the reasons why it’s among the best is the Command Dragon D5 Energy Layer. Designed with a specialized structure, this energy layer allows the D5 to attack with more precision. To improve its speed and aggressiveness, Hasbro has added a unique Hypersphere technology that gives the Hypersphere performance tip a decent speed boost and the ability to climb up the Hypersphere Beystadium.

Besides this right-spin bey top, Hasbro has included a universal right/left launcher in the package. The launcher has a long ripcord and an ergonomic grip that lets you launch the D5 attack type bey top with more aggression to help it evade enemy attacks to outlast them in the Beystadium. Just like the rest of the Beyblade Burst battle tops, the Command Dragon D5 has a scan-able code and an interchangeable GT-Chip.

Highlighted Features

  • The Command Dragon D5 is an attack-type bey top with excellent offensive instincts
  • It’s equipped with a Hypersphere performance tip that lets it climb the vertical wall
  • The GT chips are interchangeable to create customizable tops
  • A scan-able code lets you unlock more digital battles
  • The package comes with a launcher and a bey top

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9. Takara Tomy B-145 DX Starter Venom Diabolos


B-145 DX Starter Venom Diabolos. Vn. Bl

Product Specifications

  • Age Group: 6-Years & Up
  • Dimensions: 75 x 6.65 x 2.05 inches
  • Package Details: Bey top & Launcher

Most people have been asking what is the best Beyblade in the market. Although there are so many options available, the Takara Tomy B-145 DX Starter Venom Diabolos is one of the worthy contenders that will keep you alive in those heated battles. Released by Takara Tomy in 2019, this bey top can spin either right or left depending on the battle strategy.

As part of the 3rd Gen of Takara Tomy’s Burst GT, the Venom Diabolos is a balance-type bey that hosts some of the best features you can ever imagine. One of those is the addition of two bases that include the right-spinning Venom and left-spinning Erase. By swapping these bases, players will have a tactical advantage as you’ll have the chance to use any of the bases depending on the battle strategy.

Other than the base, the Venom Diabolos is equipped with a gachi chip on the energy layer that increases its weight substantially. Combining this feature with the Vanguard forge disc means that this Beyblade will have exceptional balance and a good amount of stamina when spinning. Although the package doesn’t include a Beystadium, at least players will receive a right/left launcher alongside the bey top.

Highlighted Features

  • Comes with 2 drivers that let it spin on the right and the left
  • Its unique construction gives it exceptional balance when spinning
  • Has improved stamina that lets it last longer on the Beystadium
  • There’s a dedicated launcher in the package
  • The energy layer has a cool combination of Red, Yellow and Blue colors

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10. Battling Tops GT B-134 Booster Slash Valkyrie.Bl.Pw


Battling Tops Burst B-186 Random Booster Vol.26...

Product Specifications

  • Age Group: 6-Years & Up
  • Package Details: Beyblade Top

Last but not least, we have the GT B-134 Booster Slash Valkyrie. Manufactured by BelleJiu, this Beyblade comes as a single unit. Just like most of the Beyblades we’ve discussed, the GT B-134 is a balance-type bey that has unique characteristics. One of those is its notoriously wide wings that extend intentionally to give the bey a unique blocker capability when spinning.

Although it’s a balance type bey, this battle top has surprising power and aggressiveness when launched steadily. This gives it some attacking as well as defensive instincts when found in tricky situations. With such a huge advantage, players will have a competitive edge when battling against weaker opponents.

In addition to that, the GT B-134 Booster Slash Valkyrie has a heavy forge disc and energy layer that improves its stamina when spinning. It also has a cool Blue, Yellow, and Red color combination that makes it quite attractive. So, in case you’re looking for a battle top that has great blocking and attacking might, then the GT B-134 Booster Slash Valkyrie is exactly what you need.

Highlighted Features

  • The GT B-134 is a balance type bey with immense power
  • This top has oversized wings that give it immense attacking capability
  • The energy layer has a combination of cool colors
  • Great for kids 6-years and above
  • The parts are strong enough to withstand any form of abuse

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Things to Consider When Picking a GT Beyblade


There are many reasons why you’ve chosen to pick Beyblade over other sports. Maybe you were inspired by the anime series or maybe you read it on the internet. Whichever the case, choosing the best GT Beyblade from a wide list of options can sound like an overly simplistic option. After all, Beyblades are just ordinary tops.

However, when you get deeper into the game, you’ll be amazed to realize that there’s a lot to consider if you really want to enjoy the sport. So, in this section, we’re going to discuss a few factors you’ll have to focus on when choosing the best Beyblades.


1. Types of Beyblades:

Now, the first factor you’ll be focusing on when choosing a Beyblade is the exact type of bey top you’ll be needing. As you can see from some of the products we’ve discussed above, Beyblade tops come in four major types.

These are the attack type, defense type, stamina type, and balance type beys. To help you understand each battle top clearly, we’re going to discuss each one in detail.

  • Attack Type:

These types of beys have a flat tip that gives them a wider contact zone with the Beystadium. They’re stable, quick, and very aggressive. When launched, these beys usually spin around the Beystadium searching for the opponent’s beys to hit.

  • Defense Type:

These Beyblades are equipped with heavy forge discs and rounded energy layers. This is to keep them steady on the Beystadium to prevent them from being attacked by the attack type beys. When launched, defense-type beys stay near the center of the Beystadium to avoid being attacked.

  • Stamina Type:

With stamina type beys, the tips are very thin while the forge discs are very light. These features help this bey top to the last longer in the Beystadium. When launched, these bey tops mostly go round the Beystadium to avoid an attack. They also have enough stamina to make them outlast other beys in the stadium.

  • Balance Type:

These Beyblades are usually a combination of the three bey tops we’ve discussed. They possess the features of all three tops making them ideal for any situation.


2. Beyblade Systems:

The second factor you’ll have to consider when choosing a Beyblade top is the exact Beyblade system it’s equipped with. Now, the traditional Beyblade was designed using four sections. These are the Energy Layer, forge disc, bit chip, and blade base.

Each of these parts serves a specific purpose such as aiding the movement and providing balance to the bey tops. But, with the advancement in modern technology, more parts have been added to the Beyblade top such as magnets, gears, and innovative launchers to ensure the bey tops are speedier, heavier, and more aggressive.

So, when making your decision, you need to be very keen on the technology to ensure that what you get is enough to meet your playing demands.


3. The Bey Arena:

Now that you have the best Beyblade in the world, the next step you’ll be taking is to spin the bey tops to enjoy some thrilling fun. In that case, you’ll need a Beystadium to launch your beys. But, how do you get the best Beystadium?

Well, first, Beystadiums resemble regular plastic trays. They come in a wide range of styles including different shapes and colors. In most cases, different shapes mean different outcomes. For instance, a circular Beystadium will make it difficult for the beys to attack each other while a square or rectangular arena will create a better space for the beys to hit each other.

Lastly, you need to consider the type of wall your Beystadium has. Some stadiums have gaps, others have pockets/holes while others have spike-like bumps. Since each setup has its own ups and downs, you need to consider this factor before parting with your money.


4. Brand:

Now, Beyblade toys are manufactured by two main brands. These are Takara Tomy, a Japanese-based brand that happens to be the founding father of the game, and Hasbro, which is a North American Beyblade maker.

One thing about these two brands is that they manufacture some of the best quality Beyblades that meet customer satisfaction. The only issue with these beys is that they’re quite expensive. On the other hand, there are unbranded Beyblades available. Although they’re cheap, these bey tops and launchers are cheaper imitations of Takara/Hasbro beys and hence lower in quality.


5. Launchers:

Lastly, you need to invest in the right set of launchers if you really want to enjoy the game. In most cases, launchers come in different variations such as left, right, and universal launchers. They also come in two common types that include ripcord and string launchers.

Ripcord launchers have ergonomic handles and long ripcords that allow you to launch your Beyblades with more aggression. String launchers, on the other hand, allow the Bey tops to spin with more force. Due to this reason, string launchers are mostly preferred when launching the best stamina GT Beyblade as they give the Beyblade more spinning power.


Beyblade Types


When choosing the best Beyblade top, you need to note that these tops are designed to operate differently. For that reason, they come in 4 different types where each type possesses unique characteristics. In this section, we’ll discuss each of the four Beyblade types in detail.

Attack Type Beys

These types of Beyblades are equipped with flat performance tips that help them to maintain better contact with the Beystadium. They’re mostly loud, fast, and very active when launched. They mostly spin aggressively in random patterns around the Beystadium looking for opposition beys to attack.

Defense Type Beys

These types of Beyblade tops are mostly smaller, heavier, and less aggressive. When launched, these tops spin near the center of the Beystadium to avoid enemy attacks. They have smooth rounded energy layers with rubber bumpers on the edges to bounce off other Beyblades whenever they try to attack.

Stamina Type Beys

These ones are designed to last the longest on the Beystadium. They have thin performance tips that help to reduce friction between the tops and the Beystadium. Their immense stability makes them the best for attacking defense type beys.

Balance Type Beys

Lastly, we have balance-type bey tops. Whether you’re using the Beyblade Burst model or GT Beyblades Takara Tomy, this Beyblade type will always serve the same purpose. It can combine the features of the other three bey tops to make it a customized version. With this characteristic, the balance type bey can attack and defend at the same time.


How to Play Beyblade Game


So, now that you’ve picked the right Beyblade tops, launchers, and a Beystadium, how do you play the game? Well, at first, this may seem like a simple process. But, once you get to the actual thing, you’ll be surprised to learn that there are some specific steps you have to consider. In this section, we’re going to explain each of these steps systematically.

  1. Step One: Assemble the Beyblade

As usual, start by assembling the three pieces of your Beyblade top together. These include the Energy Layer, the forged disc, and the performance tip. This will give your tops a personalized feature that will meet your playing needs and demands.

  1. Step Two: Ready the Launcher

Once the Beyblade top is ready, set up the launcher accordingly. Here, you’ll have the option of choosing between a ripcord or a string launcher. Once you’ve made your decision, pass the string or ripcord through the launcher. Pull it to make sure it’s moving smoothly.

Lastly, pick your Bey top and clip it at the bottom of the launcher by inserting the teeth on the top’s energy layer.

  1. Step Three: Ready the Beystadium

Once the bey top and the launcher are ready, set up your Beystadium by placing it on a flat surface. The best thing about most Beystadiums is that they arrive preassembled meaning no further assembly is needed.

  1. Step Four: Launch Your Beyblade

With every piece ready, launch your best GT Beyblade by pulling the string/ripcord on your launcher. Make sure the Beyblade top lands on the Beystadium to avoid a penalty.


How to Take Care of Your Beyblade


Although your Beyblade tops are designed to last longer, there are some preventative measures you have to take to ensure your pieces last longer. Here are some of the tips you need to consider.

  • Never attempt to stop a spinning bey top with your hands. Doing so will either injure your fingers or damage the bey top. Once launched, allow the tops to spin and stop by themselves or by touching others.
  • Avoid exposing your beys to water, moisture, and dust. This can cause rust to metal parts, which can later lower the performance of the beys. Also, don’t expose them to metal, concrete, or spiky surfaces.
  • If the Beyblade tops have heavy double forge discs, try to launch them close enough to the Beystadium. This will help to avoid damages to the Beystadium floor and the bey tops as well.
  • Lastly, the best GT Beyblade burst tops are made using delicate plastic parts with a few metal parts. So, when launching them, you need to be very careful. Also, you need to avoid stepping on the beys or pressing them with a lot of pressure as this can damage them.


Frequently Asked Questions about GT Beyblade


  1. Are There Fake Beyblades?

Yes, of course. In fact, most people have been complaining about getting fake Beyblade tops without realizing it. So, to identify a fake Beyblade, you need to start by checking the brand. If the brand is not Hasbro (a sister brand to Takara Tomy) or Takara Tomy, then there’s a high chance it’s a fake. Also, you need to inspect the price. If the price range is too low, then there’s a high chance it’s a fake.


  1. How Do I Recognize My Beyblade Name?

Determining the name of your best Beyblade tops is very easy. Now, Beyblade tops comprise of three parts that include the energy layer, the forged disc, and the performance tip. So, to recognize your top’s name, you need to start by looking at the marking on the forged disc.

If it’s a Phantom disc, then that’s the first name of your top. Next, examine the energy layer. Is it an Orion, Valkyrie, Spriggan, or Dragoon? Whatever the case, this will become the second name.

Lastly, examine the performance tip to know its number code. Is it a BD, D5, TA15-S, or DX? This will become the last name. So, in the end, you’ll have your bey top with the name “Phantom Orion BD” or any other name depending on the combination of the three parts.


  1. How Do I Identify a Left/Right Spin Beyblade Top?

Identifying the direction of spin of your specific bey top is very easy. In fact, there are two ways you can do this. First, you can tell by looking at the design of the energy layers. In most cases, the moldings on the energy layers tend to curve in the direction of spin. Secondly, you can inspect the bey’s driver to see its features.

For instance, a left spinning bey will have its disc tabs located on the top left and bottom right edges while a right-spinning bey will have its tabs located on the top right and bottom left.


  1. Can I Switch Parts Between a Takara Tomy and a Hasbro Beyblade?

The simple answer is No. As much as you’d like to mix the pieces to create a customized battle top monster, going to the extent of mixing Takara Tomy and Hasbro parts will just not work for you. Not only is it illegal in tournament play, but it’s also impossible as each brand relies on a totally different technique to engineer their bey tops.


Final Thoughts

As you can see, choosing the best GT Beyblade is not just a walk in the park. There are many factors you need to combine to ensure that you get the right pieces that will not disappoint. Thankfully, this guide has offered immense help by discussing some of the best Beyblade tops that are available in the market.

We’ve also listed some key parameters that can influence your choice and also answered some of the pressing questions you might have regarding this topic. So, in case you’ve been searching for solid information about Beyblades, then this guide has offered you everything you need to know.

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