Best Paintball Guns Under 300

The 10 Best Paintball Guns Under $300 in 2022 – Reviews & Buying Guide

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One of the most exciting and exhilarating activities you can enjoy with your crew and family members are playing paintball. Perhaps that’s the reason why this sport is rapidly becoming a worldwide phenomenon and gaining popularity among most players. But, just like most iconic sports such as football, basketball, and motorsport, playing paintball sport will require you to think of the relevant equipment and gear. In this case, the best paintball guns under 300 are perhaps some of the things you need to think of if you really need to save some bucks.

But why do you need an affordable marker? You see, in paintball, there are several recurring costs you need to think of if you’re looking to enjoy this shooting game. Some of these costs include the cost of the paintballs, the CO₂/compressed air, and the field fee. So, to enjoy this military simulation sport without leaving any dents in your pockets, this guide will review some of the best paintball guns that will offer excellent features and performance that will make your paintballing experience a realistic battleground adventure.



Best Paintball Guns Under $300: Editor’s Top Picks


What is a Paintball Gun?

Now that we’ve discussed a lot regarding paintball as a sport, how much do you know about a paintball gun? Also, supposing someone, especially your kids, asked you about a paintball gun, how would you answer them or rather orient them into this shooting game? Now listen. A paintball gun is also referred to as a marker. It’s generally an air-powered device that shoots paint-filled projectiles of different calibers in a bid to mark your opponents.

In the early days, paintball guns were generally referred to as guns. However, as time passed, this game became more popular forcing the name to change to markers. At least by doing this, the name paintball markers became less controversial as compared to its earlier name, paintball guns. Today, these guns come in all sorts of upgrades to improve accuracy, efficiency, and performance.



Things to Consider When Buying Paintball Guns Under 300


Paintball Guns Under 300

The list of paintball guns under 300 is vast and endless following increased demand for these markers by paintball diehards. This factor has made it totally overwhelming for players, especially beginners, to choose the right markers that will fit their level of the profession.

Thankfully, this guide has felt your frustration and has come to answer some of the fundamental questions you might be having regarding paintball markers. So, without wasting any more time, let’s answer some of these burning questions by discussing some fundamental factors you need to consider when choosing the best paintball guns under 300.

  • 1. The Material:

The first factor you need to be keen on when shopping for a budget paintball gun is the material and the structure. You see, as a budget marker, you’ll expect the quality to be poor right? Thankfully, many brands have stepped up their game by constructing their markers with quality materials despite the prices being low.

Therefore, during your hunt for the best marker, you must keep a close eye on the material used. While most manufacturers use plastic, others use aluminum to improve strength and durability keeping in mind that these guns are used under tough conditions.

  • 2. Type of Marker:

Depending on your skill level and the type of game you’re planning to play, having the precise marker on your radar is something you definitely won’t ignore. The reason why you need to pay attention to the marker is that there are several types of paintball guns available.

One of those is the pump-type gun. Also known as a stock class marker, this type of gun relies on an old-school kind of working mechanism where you have to bolt the marker after every shot. Accuracy and reliability are determined by the quality of the paintballs and how well you match the paintballs with the barrel size.

Mechanical markers on the other hand thrive best when used in the woodsball type of game. Their durability and reliability are outstanding as they rely on a few mechanical parts to operate. Unlike electric markers that rely on batteries, these ones are easy to use making them more reliable for beginners.

Lastly, we have electric markers. Due to advancements in technology, electric markers have come to make things easier and more accurate. These markers rely on replaceable or in-built 9V batteries that handle most of the guns’ operations. Though expensive, these guns are more accurate and safe enough to prevent cases of misfires or chopped paints when firing.

  • 3. Shooting Power:

As you all know, the game of paintball is highly adventurous and exciting as it involves shooting just like in real military scenarios. For you to enjoy this shooting game, you need to invest in a sturdy marker that offers high shooting power. Since there are lots of paintball markers available in the market, you need to be very keen when sampling them to ensure that the marker you’re getting can provide the right shooting power. Make sure the gun is accurate and capable of firing paints at a distant target accurately and precisely.

  • 4. Barrel: 

When it comes to accuracy, most people believe that everything boils down to the quality of the barrel. Although that’s halfway true, the barrel doesn’t pass this test alone but rather does it with the help of the paintballs. What this means is that the accuracy of the marker can only be determined by the size of the paints and the diameter of the barrel.

For instance, if you’re using small paints on a marker with a wide barrel diameter, then your shots will be terrible and totally inconsistent. On the other hand, if the paints are bigger than the barrel diameter, then the balls will likely break due to intense friction inside the barrel. So, when shopping for a marker, make sure that you pay maximum attention to the barrel to ensure that it’s exactly what you’re looking for.

  • 5. Weight:

The weight of your marker is another key factor you’ll have to consider when shopping for a paintball. Remember, other than shooting at your opponents, you need to think about the portability of your gun as this will determine how well you’ll maneuver across the terrains while dodging oncoming shots. Therefore, if your gun is heavier than normal, you’ll have a difficult time carrying it around. So, with this in mind, always go for a marker that’s portable and easy to handle. You can choose one with a weight of around 1.25 – 3 lbs. though you must be careful not to get a marker with a lower caliber in the process.

  • 6. Caliber:

Speaking of caliber, this is simply the diameter of the paintballs. Just as we mentioned earlier, the accuracy and the efficiency of your marker is dictated by how well the paints and the barrel combine. If the barrel is small, then the caliber of the paints will be lower and if it’s wide, then the caliber will definitely be higher. So, before you make your final decision, always make sure that you check the caliber which can range from .40, .50, to .68.

  • 7. Propellant:

Just like how an engine uses gas to operate, a marker relies on a particular propellant to keep working. Some of the commonly used propellants in most markers are CO₂, HPA, and Nitrogen. While most people are already aware of this, what they don’t understand is how to select a paintball marker depending on the type of propellant it’s using.

CO on its side is one of the oldest propellants in the market. Available in 12-gram cartridges, this propellant is used by a wide range of guns making it an affordable alternative you can rely on. The only issue with CO₂ as a primary propellant is that it’s too hard on the internal parts of your gun causing inaccuracies on your shots when fired.

Nitrogen on the other hand became the primary propellant when CO₂ was phased out. Since it’s an inert gas, Nitrogen is very gentle on your gun’s internal parts as it doesn’t contain any contaminants in its formula. Due to this reason, Nitrogen was considered an efficient gas though it was very expensive.

Due to the exorbitant prices of using Nitrogen, paintball fields quickly figured out another cheaper and reliable propellant they could use to save on costs. In the process, they landed on HPA (High-Pressure Air) that used industrial air compressors and water filters to create a reliable propellant to power the paintballs.

  • 8. Firing Rounds:

Since the game is likely to be intense, you need to think of the firing rounds of the paintball marker before deciding on what you’ll have to buy. The capacity to fire several rounds per minute is very important here. So, finding a marker that can fire around 12 rounds every minute will be very critical if you ever need to reign in this sport.

  • 9. Customization:

To make your marker effective in every battle scenario, some factors must be considered such as the mods and upgrades. In this case, you’ll need to invest in a marker that’s open to various upgrades and customizations. This way, your gun will be flexible, excellent, and easily adjustable to suit various combat scenarios.

  • 10. Easy Handling:

When it comes to handling, there are several factors you need to keep in mind. One of those is the grip while the other is the fit. Your marker should be comfortable enough to carry and hold with your hands when firing. It should also be easy enough to clean and maintain without costing you a fortune.

  • 11. Aesthetics:

Apart from everything we’ve mentioned, your gun’s aesthetics is another factor you need to be keen on when choosing a marker. A gun with excellent tactical aesthetics is usually attractive and cool in its appearance. Such a gun has brilliant camouflage capabilities that make you stealthy and quite hard to be detected by your opponents.

  • 12. Warranty:

Last but not least, you need to think of the warranty of your paintball marker. Now, a warranty plays a critical role in the performance of a product because one, it boosts the resale value and two, it gives the customer the confidence to purchase that particular product knowing that repair and replacement will be done promptly. This is the same with paintball markers.


Top 10 Best Paintball Guns Under 300 Reviews:


1. Tippmann TMC MAGFED Paintball Marker

Tippmann TMC MAGFED Paintball Marker - Black 16402


At the top of our list, we’re going to review the Tippmann TMC MAGFED Paintball Marker. This authentic mag fed gun is not only popular but it’s also a major milestone that has offered immense value to the paintballing world. Unlike most ordinary paintball markers, this gun has brought in a unique prospect in this sport by offering a dual-feed technology that allows you to use either a magazine system or a hopper.

This dual fed technology provides you with a hopper adapter that’s attached at the top via a special attachment and two 20-round magazines that give you the convenience of loading your marker just like a real firearm. In addition to that, this pneumatic marker is designed with a rubberized grip that lets you pull the trigger with less effort.

The collapsible stock is another major benefit that lets you adjust the marker to make it longer or shorter. The quad rail at the top allows you to attach all kinds of crazy stuff such as flashlights, binoculars, and lasers. This marker comes with a limited one-year warranty making it one of the best markers for both beginners and experienced paintballers.


  • Fully customizable to meet all your paintballing preferences.
  • Versatile enough to use a hopper and a magazine.
  • The rubber grip makes it easier to handle the gun.
  • Unique design allows this marker to resemble a real firearm.
  • Offers an exclusive 1-year limited warranty.


  • The charging system is not robust.
  • This marker leaks paint quite often.

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2. MaddogTippmann Cronus Tactical Titanium Paintball Gun Package

Maddog Tippmann Cronus Tactical Specialist CO2...


The MaddogTippmann Cronus Tactical Paintball Gun Package is an actual upgrade and a fantastic choice for beginners and intermediaries who’ve chosen paintballing as their number one hobby. Although our previous Tippmann marker had a lot of interesting features, this one has come with some impressive dynamics that have made it a top performer across all dimensions.

First, this gun is available in a variety of color options that range from Basic Black/Tan, Tactical Black/Tan to Tactical Black/Olive. The marker is a high .68 caliber semi-automatic gun that spits paintballs at the rate of 250 – 325 FPS. This is made possible by the high-impact composite body and the high-quality refillable 48ci/3000 psi HPA tank that releases around 450 – 800 rounds per refill.

Now, although this marker is excellent in all aspects, it doesn’t come alone. That’s because Maddog has provided a set of various accessories such as a paintball mask, a barrel squeegee, a compressed air paintball tank, 200 rounds of paintball loader, and a Maddog 6+1 paintball harness. To make this marker the best for beginners, Maddog has further customized it with excellent vertical gripping and customizable rails to let you mount various expandable accessories such as binoculars, laser aiming modules, and night vision accessories among others.


  • This marker comes as a complete package.
  • At 14 pounds, this marker is very light.
  • This marker is easily modified.
  • The molded rubber grips make it easier to handle the gun.
  • There are 6 × 200 rounds of paintball loaders in the package.


  • Unfortunately, the CO₂ tank is shipped empty.

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3. Tippmann A-5 .68 Caliber Paintball Marker

Tippmann A-5 .68 Caliber Paintball Marker, Black


The Tippmann A-5 is one of those paintball markers that have built a name in the world of paintball. First, this gun is truly delightful which is all thanks to its affordable yet customizable characteristics. It comes with excellent features that make it a top performer and a perfect option for both beginners and intermediate paintball players.

One of the coolest features of this marker is the aluminum finish that gives it a robust, smooth yet nice appearance. Another smart feature is the customizable nature that lets you integrate several parts to make it better. One of those is the patented Cyclone Feed System that links to the feeder sprocket to allow the gun to fire up to 15 paintballs per second. The low profile 200-round hopper is another excellent feature that keeps you in the game for long periods without running out of paintballs.

In addition to that, the Tippmann A-5 is a reliable marker thanks to its 8.5-inch long quality-driven barrel. With such a long barrel, there’s improved accuracy which is a huge advantage to experienced paintballers.


  • Easy to detach and assemble.
  • Sturdy enough to be used in woodsball type of plays.
  • Front grip makes it easy to handle the gun.
  • Able to fire 15 balls per second without the batteries.
  • Aluminum body bolsters durability.


  • The trigger feels a bit lose.
  • Only compatible with specific A-5 parts.

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4. Planet Eclipse EMEK 100 Mechanical Paintball Marker

Planet Eclipse EMEK 100 Mechanical Paintball...


The Planet Eclipse EMEK 100 is a brilliant upgrade in this line of markers that have brought in a brilliant refined and redefined improvement in the paintballing business. First, this marker is constructed from a durable aluminum body that gives it a tough exterior that’s capable of withstanding impact.

Secondly, it has a low profile body and a long 10-inch barrel that helps to improve accuracy when firing. This is a brilliant feature that favors both entry and seasoned players. Due to its tough internal mechanisms, this marker can shoot paintballs as far as 100 ft. making it the best for professionals.

Available at an affordable price range, the Planet Eclipse EMEK 100 boasts of being a fully customizable marker that’s open to numerous upgrades. It can use an electric hopper or a canister with compressed air to make your shooting experience more advanced. As a .68 caliber marker, the Planet Eclipse EMEK 100 is a remarkable machine that will never disappoint you whether you’re a beginner or an experienced paintballer.


  • This paintball marker has a low maintenance cost.
  • Works well in all weather conditions.
  • Long barrel provides better accuracy.
  • Aluminum body guarantees better durability.
  • It’s PAL compatible.


  • Doesn’t come with a PAL loader feed neck.

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5. Azodin KP3.5 KAOS Pump Paintball Marker

Azodin KP3.5 KAOS Pump Paintball Marker...


The Azodin KP3.5 is another smart marker that’s available at convenient rates. Now, just to clarify something, this marker is very similar to the KP3 in terms of performance only that it’s a newer version with several notable improvements and upgrades. One of these upgrades is the addition of two barrels instead of one. These 14-inch barrels have different calibers of .685 and .681 that give the gun increased accuracy and efficiency.

Other than the barrels, the speedy pumping action is something else you’ll definitely be impressed with. With the aid of the dual pump cocking rods, the pumping action is speedier making it easier for you to pump, cork, and shoot even when you’re in the middle of a shooting scenario. Just to mention something about the cocking rods, Azodin KP3.5 uses smooth stainless steel rods to improve its performance. This is quite different from its predecessors which used only one cocking rod.

Away from the excellent pumping action, the Azodin KP3.5 comes with an on/off ASA that turns the tank on or off whenever you need to. Furthermore, the acoustic bolt and the ZeRO assembly help to lower the operating pressure of this marker to around 230psi making it the best for both beginner and professional paintballers. With such impressive features, I don’t see why you shouldn’t give this paintball marker a try.


  • Dual-pump or cocking rods provide a speedy pumping action.
  • The 14-inch barrels guarantee excellent firing accuracy.
  • This marker is ergonomically designed for easy carrying.
  • It’s available in a variety of colors.
  • Has a low operating pressure of 230psi.


  • Pumping this marker twice can break the paintballs causing leakages.

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6. TippmannTiPX Mag Fed Paintball Pistol

Tippmann TiPX Mag Fed Paintball Gun


Tippmann is hailed for constructing innovative markers one of which is the TippmannTiTX Mag Fed Pistol. Now, one good thing about this marker is that it’s a second-generation gun meaning it has improved features that have come to solve some issues which the previous version had. One of those is the design which has totally been redone to give this pistol an improved look. In fact, it resembles a military firearm which is a great thing for paintballers.

The next improvement you’ll notice with this pistol is the added features. One of those is the Pica-tinny rails that are used for mounting various attachments on this gun such as the under-barrel CO₂ system air. The True-Feed Magazine system is another smart feature that allows players to use paintballs of varying sizes. With the help of the straight feed and a low tension spring system, players can use this marker both in hot and humid conditions without facing any issues.

Something elseTippmann has emphasized in this pistol is the mechanics. Some of these include the external velocity adjuster, an ergonomically designed grip, a removable barrel with X7 threads, and an internal regulator. They’ve also paired this marker with an assortment of accessories some of which include; a deluxe carrying case, a rubber squeegee, a barrel stopper, and an entire maintenance kit among other items. The lightweight high-impact polymer structure is another impressive feature that makes this marker a reliable firearm.


  • This marker has an effective range of 150 ft.
  • Has a semiautomatic firing action.
  • Easy to load magazine feed system.
  • Comes with an assortment of accessories.
  • Usable both in humid and high-temperature climates.


  • This marker is not accurate enough.
  • The CO₂ cartridge is very hard to load.

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7. Action Village Tippmann US Army Paintball Gun 

Action Village Tippmann US Army Project Salvo...


The Action Village Tippmann US Army Paintball Gun is one of the paintball guns that comes with all the necessary accessories required to make paintballing a fun endeavor. Now, one rule about paintballing is that every player must observe safety. Since these kits are quite expensive, Action Village has opted to offer them at a decent price range to attract buyers from all diversities. Not only that, but they’ve also added a marker that resembles a real US Army firearm.

Starting with the marker, this gun is a .68 caliber semi-automatic firearm that can be upgraded to be an automatic gun using a Tippmann E-Trigger attachment. This marker has a 20oz CO₂ tank and four high-quality 140 round paintball pods that can be used in the magazine. If you’re a professional paintballer, then you can boost the speed of your shots by using a cyclone feeder system.

When it comes to the accessories, the Action Village Tippmann US Army Paintball Gun has a lot to offer to its diehards. One of those is the GXG XVSN paintball mask that’s not only hardy but also a smart option for beginners. There’s also the goggles, the hopper, the CO₂ canister, the GXG 200 round loader, the squeegee, and the carry handle for easy carrying of your firearm.


  • Comes as a full package with all the necessary gear.
  • There are four 140-round paintball pods to keep you perfectly armed.
  • The marker is open to various upgrades.
  • The sight on this marker makes aiming easier.
  • This gun is very easy to clean and use.


  • It tends to leak CO₂.

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8. Empire Paintball Mini GS Guns (Black/Neon Green)

Empire Mini GS Paintball Gun w/ 2 Piece Barrel -...


The reason why the Empire Paintball Mini GS Gun has won such a huge reputation among most paintballers is how they’ve successfully redesigned and redeveloped this marker to make it look better. As the next generation marker, this gun has improved features that have made it entirely different from other brands. One of these smart features is the in-built rubber foregrip that gives you a firm grip on the gun when firing.

Aside from the foregrip, the rubber coating on this gun’s body is a major plus as it helps to protect the battle-proven engine from damages caused by paint and the elements. Something else professional paintballers will love about this marker is the ASA and foregrip attachments. While the foregrip attachment improves strength for supreme performance, the ASA (On/Off) mode allows you to remove the CO₂ tank safely and effortlessly.

Another smart feature that puts this marker in the league of the best paintball guns under 300 is its smart collapsible nature. This allows you to detach the hopper, the canister, and other parts effortlessly for easy cleaning. Besides, installing the battery is quite easy making it easier for you to handle the gun during a shootout scenario. The Empire Paintball Mini GS Gun has a 12” barrel for improved accuracy and a weight of around 2.8 pounds making it among the lightest markers in the business.


  • Lightweight and perfect for beginners.
  • Easy to remove the hopper and the canister.
  • Rubber foregrip protection to secure the engine.
  • 12” barrel for improved speed and accuracy.
  • On/Off ASA makes it easier to remove the CO₂


  • Sometimes this marker fails to pressurize.

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9. Tippmann TMC MAGFED Paintball Marker

Tippmann TMC MAGFED Paintball Marker - Black 16402


The Tippmann TMC MAGFED Marker is very similar to the first marker we reviewed in this guide. The looks and the features are very similar only that there are a few differences here and there. Just like our first marker, this gun is fully accessorized and easily customizable making it a perfect option for both beginners and intermediaries. This Black and Tan colored firearm has a 12” high-performance barrel and a .68 caliber allowing it to fire around 250 – 325 FPS.

While most markers fail to offer loaded magazines, the Tippmann TMC MAGFED Marker has gone beyond this tradition to offer its diehards a dual-feed option. This is a brilliant step that offers you two 20 spring-driven magazines and an optional hopper which you can use independently but not in unison. In the case of the hopper, there’s a dedicated hopper elbow that you can use to attach the hopper on.

To improve this gun’s military authenticity, Tippmann has added a runner molded pull trigger and an aluminum body to keep it safe. There’s also a sturdy stainless steel gas line and a quad rail that lets you put all your favorite attachments on such as a flashlight, lasers, and binoculars. This gun has an adjustable stock and adjustable sights on the front and rear. Welcomed with a 1-year limited warranty, the Tippmann TMC MAGFED Marker is one of the best pneumatic markers in the business.


  • Versatile enough to use both a hopper and a magazine.
  • Comes with two 20 round magazines.
  • Rubber grips make it easy to handle.
  • 12” barrel provides improved accuracy.
  • The gun is open to various upgrades and customizations.


  • It’s not height adjustable.
  • It tends to leak CO₂.

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10. GOG Enmey Pro Mechanical Paintball Gun

GOG Enmey Pro Mechanical Paintball Gun (Black)


To finalize this review section, we’re going to discuss yet another high-quality marker that has surprisingly made it into this list. Not only is it a reliable choice, but the GOG Enmey Pro Mechanical Marker is also fitted with advanced mechanics that make it both user and pocket-friendly. Now, if you look at this gun, it doesn’t resemble a real firearm as the Tippmann TMC MAGFED Marker does. However, this factor hasn’t pulled it down as GOG has done everything to preserve their name by making everything right.

One of the areas they’ve really emphasized is performance. Here, they’ve done it by using a long barrel to improve accuracy and aiming power. Other than the length, this barrel has a .68 caliber that’s strong enough to fire paintballs to a distance of 80 – 100 ft. Depending on your needs; this shooting distance can be increased slightly with the help of special attachments.

The pneumatic design is something else GOG has really been proud of. With no batteries, hammer, sear, or metal on metal contact, this marker has seen reduced wear that has improved its longevity. The valve on its side is not powered by springs but rather by balanced gas pressures thus allowing it to work with improved speed and accuracy. This marker relies on CO₂ gas that’s effectively controlled using the accurate ASA (On/Off) attachment.


  • Available in a range of cool colors to choose from.
  • Guarantees speed and accuracy.
  • Guarantees reduced wear.
  • Operated using balanced gas pressure.
  • Open to customization.


  • Doesn’t resemble a real firearm.

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FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions


Q1: Should I Get a Low Range or a Medium Range Gun?

This will completely depend on the type of game you’re planning to play. For those professional paintballers looking to play this game quite often, then a medium-range gun will be the perfect option for you. On the other hand, if you’re a beginner just learning how to play this shooting game, then a low-range marker will be a logical option. The best thing about these markers is that they’re both cheap and open to various upgrades meaning you can easily customize them in the future.


Q2: What Happens If My Marker Breaks?

Paintball guns are usually made of plastic, aluminum, or composite materials. Unfortunately, these materials are prone to breakage following intense use of your marker. However, in case your gun breaks, you need to consult your manufacturer to check the cost of repair or the price of various parts to determine how much the entire repair process will cost. In case the marker is still covered by its warranty, then you can consult your manufacturer immediately to have it fixed or get a replacement.


Q3: Will I Need Additional Equipment?

When shopping for a paintball gun, you don’t have to think of buying the biggest equipment in the market. You need to think of other additional accessories that will keep you safe while improving the overall functionality of the marker. Some of the additional equipment you need to invest in include a mask, a pair of goggles, air tanks, hoppers, clothes, and maintenance kits.


Q4: Where Should I Play Paintballing?

This is one key question you need to ask yourself when planning to play paintball. Since paintball is a sport, every establishment will be expected to have its own set of rules that govern the sport. For instance, some fields will prohibit you from using your own marker in a bid to encourage competitive play. Others will discourage you from using particular markers such as mechanical, pump, or electric depending on their gaming rules. So, before you get to the game, always find out more about the rules to know where you’ll be playing the game.


Q5: How Will My Tank Be Filled?

When purchasing a new paintball, the gas tank usually comes when it’s empty. That’s because manufacturers can’t risk sending you a tank containing compressed air or CO₂ due to safety reasons. Thankfully, most local paintball sites offer refill services at a fee making this process a stress-free one. The only thing you need to be keen on is to know whether the specific paintball site offers the specific propellant your marker uses to fire the paints.


Q6: Can I Buy Used Equipment?

Purchasing used or second-hand gear is one way you can save a considerable amount of money. So, if you’re not ready to spend high amounts of cash on paintball equipment, you can always go for second-hand options though you need to be keen on the features to ensure that they suit your intended needs.


Final Verdict

As you can see, choosing the best paintball guns under the 300 mark is not as easy as it seemed to be. This endeavor is quite demanding as there are plenty of features you must consider when making your decision. Thankfully, this insightful guide has done the homework for you by reviewing ten of the best markers in the market. Besides, we’ve gone ahead to discussed key factors you must consider when choosing a marker as well as key questions you must ask yourself during this purchasing process.

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