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The 13 Best Paintball Masks in 2022 – Reviews & Buying Guide

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If you have started to fall in love with the sport of paintball, you know the importance of having the best equipment around. This is certainly why you need one of the best paintball masks to keep you safe and having fun wherever you like to play. Having a paintball mask is one of the most important pieces of paintball equipment for a few reasons. The first is your face is protected from harmful paintball heading your way. Secondly, paintball masks are quite the fashion statement, helping you breathe better when you are running around the course.

But, you might find yourself in a place where it is difficult to navigate finding the right one for you. With a variety of options, costs, and features, picking the correct mask can start to get a little overwhelming. There is no need to fear though. This guide will direct you where you need to go and the rest will be history. So, let us start with product reviews, shall we?



Best Paintball Masks: Editor’s Top Picks


Why Do You Need a Paintball Mask?


When it comes to the sport of paintball, having a mask is the most essential piece of equipment you can have. Safety is a big reason why you need a paintball mask. Think about it for a second. If you get hit with a paintball at 300 feet per second right in the eye, you could lose your eye altogether.

What if you get hit by a paintball in the nose? You can expect your nose to break altogether. Not to mention all the bruising that could happen without a mask on. You get the picture yet? If you want to play paintball, you will surely need a mask.

When buying a mask, they are all rated for the safety they will provide for you. Certainly, you want to be as protected as you can here. Also, buying a mask means you do not need to rent one. Even if you can clean out a mask, you probably do not want someone else playing in a mask you will put on, especially in this pandemic.

Since the mask’s foam is absorbent, you can get that sweat still gets into the foam. And it will not be your sweat. It will be somebody else before you. All of these reasons should be proof enough that you need a mask all to yourself.


Types of Paintball Masks


When we are talking about the types of paintball masks, we are not talking primarily about the brand. Instead, we are talking about the way the mask will protect you and your precious eyes. If you are getting a legit paintball mask, your eyes will never be exposed. That would be a no-no.

When it comes to paintball masks, you should have goggle lenses at least. Some people out there only go with the googles to keep stuff off their faces. These lenses are usually more fragile than a full-on mask. Also, since slipping is an issue for pure googles, you may have to replace them more often and clean them because you are touching them so much. Lastly, with only goggles, one, your forehead, chin, mouth, ears, and cheeks will be a free game for your opponents. This could be a big, big hazard to your health.

Even though goggle frames have foam on the sides on the back and sides for added comfort, the protection is limited. Most goggles fit on the majority of people’s faces. Also, many goggles will not be resistant to abrasions, fogging, or UV rays. You can start to see why a full mask is important.

Other people want more than just the goggles wrapped around their heads. When you work towards getting a mask, on the other hand, they will cover down under your chin and up to your hairline, whether it is receding or not. Made of hard plastic or nylon, paintballs do not stand a chance against your face.

The foam in masks is second to none as well. With water-wicking technology, your sweat will not interfere here. A mask can also help to have paintballs bounce off instead of exploding altogether. Other benefits for maks include UV protection, easy-removable lenses, and resistance to abrasion to name a few.

But, if your forehead and chin are protected outright, your face will thank you. When your ears are covered, you will not have a ringing problem when a paintball rings your bell. By having multiple straps, your mask will stay on even when the hardest paintball comes at you.

By having more protection, the better chance you will have playing this great sport. Do not cut corners when it comes to protection. Go out there and buy a face mask that will make sure you can keep playing paintball over and over again.


Things to Consider When Buying Paintball Masks

Paintball Masks

Now that you have gotten through the products, it is time to talk more about the buying guide. With many things to sort through, it can be a challenge to know what product is good for you and which was will not help in what you are going for. Nonetheless, check the sections below to get yourself educated when buying the right paintball mask for you.

  • 1. Reading The Reviews

A great place to start when looking for the right paintball mask is the reviews wherever you are looking to buy the product. As you look for masks that add great comfort to your situation, look for feedback from real people who have purchased the product before you. This is the perfect way to know if the product is excellent or not.

A lot of these reviews have pros and cons to help you navigate what worked for customers and what certainly did not. Past customers may also be able to give you tricks and tips to help your mask longer than ever. This will give you a great perspective on different brands.

  • 2. Branding

Speaking of brands, you need to know what brands are trustworthy enough to get your business. Surely pick brands that have been around for many years. If they are leading manufacturers when it comes to paintball masks, then they should be good enough for your business.

The best brands are the ones who make quality products that are durable and hold up over time. Without these benchmarks, stay away from these masks. Cheaper is not always best.

  • 3. Price

Transitioning over to price, you must have a budget in mind to help you get the best bang for your buck here. You certainly do not have to buy the most expensive option on the planet, but you do not need to low ball either. Pick a price you can afford, and hit the ground running.

By comparing and contrasting options, will help you spend your money well enough to be successful. So, do not just pay for the brand, but the product as well. This way, you will find value in whatever paintball mask you decide to go with.

  • 4. Scratch-Resistant

Another consideration you need to make involves comfort. One way you can be comfortable is by getting scratch-resistant lenses for your mask. Many come pre-loaded with the product you buy, but you can invest in fresh ones if you like.

For the best longevity on planet Earth, you need a cover that does not scratch. This means the mask will be able to take one contact from hard surfaces without getting scuffed up. By investing in this feature, you may be paying a few more dollars, but your mask will last a lot longer than the generic models.

  • 5. Durability

Another way to keep your mask going strong is by picking one that is extra sturdy. By taking on paintballs head-on, you will not be phased by a high-speed ball barrelling towards your face. Many times, people work about their masks because they cannot take on that kind of pressure. Well, with a model that is made of durable materials like rubber, composite, and so much more, you will have hit the jackpot here. Your mask will not take on damage but dish it out in the form of paintball bouncing off and splatting on the ground.

  • 6. Warranty

Many people want a warranty for their masks. The truth is most brands do not have a warranty for their mask. However, you may find some masks have up to a one-year warranty. But, do not get your hopes up. Many masks in this day and age only get a warranty if you pay a few more dollars on top of your original purchase.

  • 7. Anti-Fog Technology

No matter what kind of glasses you buy, having anti-fog technology is a need not a want. Whether you are playing paintball in the hot sun of the summer or cold blizzards of winter, you need goggles that will not bring you down. Fog can certainly distract you, but this can be fixed.

Most masks have this technology built-in, but make sure to check this out. Nothing is worse than having your glasses fog up. Another note is many masks allow for glasses to go under the mask. However, your glasses could fog up, even if you have anti-fog goggles. In this case, you will need to make sure your glasses are anti-fog, so you can have double protection.

  • 8. Wondering About Weight

When it comes to a paintball mask, the best weight for the product is around 1.5 pounds. With a mask or helmet placed on your head, running and jumping can start to get a little tedious, if you have a heavy model. Anything over 2 pounds might not be in your best interest unless you are looking for the best protection for playing paintball.

  • 9. Hearing With Your Ears

Unfortunately, there are some masks out there that do an amazing job of protecting your ears, but you will not be able to hear a thing when you communicate with your teammates. So, look for a mask that protects your ears from a stinging paintball, but also allows you to communicate. If you are yelling to communicate, there is certainly better padding out there that can protect better but have you hear better as well.

  • 10. Profile Of Your Mask

The last part of the buying guide involves the mask profile. No matter what kind of mask size you are looking for, big or small, you need to know what will be more beneficial for you depending on the game of paintball you are playing.

If you are playing “speedball,” for example, you want a small mask to dodge the wicked fast paintballs. In “woodsball,” having a small mask is not as imperative for you to dodge. In the end, you might just find a mask that works for you and go with it.


Top 13 Best Paintball Masks Reviews:

Below are the top-13 paintball masks that you should look into. Try to narrow down your favorites to a top-3. This way, you will easily navigate through the buyer’s guide later one to help pick the right one for you and your situation.


1. Dye Precision I4 Thermal Paintball Goggle

Dye i4 Paintball Goggle (Black/Gold)


The first product on our list comes to us from Dye. Coming in colors of the black or dirty bird, this is a scheme for everyone to enjoy. With the help of a lens changing system, your lenses can be swapped out in less than 10 seconds. This means if you have a breakage, or are just looking for something new, the possibilities are endless for these paintball goggles.

One thing you will notice about these googles is they are super comfortable. With an anatomic fit, the mask will stay in place. There is even a retention strap, so the mask will hold where you want it to. There is nothing worse than having a mask that will not stay where you want it to.

The 290-degree vision is another reason this brand makes some of the best paintball masks around. Compared to most masks in this day and age, you will get more vision than any other. Then, add in the thermal lenses, and what you will see is added clarity. What could be better?


  • Comes with a screaming vent to help with breathing and communicating
  • Your goggles will not fog up
  • Will compress around your ears for added protection
  • Wear goggles like the Los Angeles Ironmen Paintball Team
  • The mask only weighs 10.7 ounces
  • Can be shipped anywhere in the United States of America


  • Can not be shipped internationally
  • Quite expensive for the money you pay

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2. Virtue VIO Ascend Thermal Paintball Goggles

Virtue VIO Ascend Thermal Paintball Goggles with...


The next mask is one of the most visually pleasing options you might ever see. From the brand Virtue Paintball, there are eight color options for you to take in, first and foremost. The colors include black, blue ice, graphic cyan, graphic lime, highlander camo, lime emerald, purple smoke, and red smoke. Not many brands can boost color options quite like Virtue Paintball can.

Protection is something else you will love about this mask. With flexible, rigid protection zones, you will have the best coverage in town. The one-piece design makes things easy for you to take off the mask and put it on. Also, you will need to take visibility into account, and that is no problem for this distortion-free model. The thermal lens is completely UV protected.

Are you looking for breathability in a mask as well? You can certainly find it with this mask. With max airflow, you will be able to breathe easier, even when you are chasing down an opponent. Also, you will be able to communicate freely and smoothly. When you add in the eye foam for added protection to one of your body’s most important senses, you can understand why Virtue Paintball is one of the best brands on the plant.


  • Can accessorize with replacement foam, new lenses, visors, and straps
  • Very high-performance goggles
  • The goggles are fog-resistant
  • There are 18 lens options to choose from
  • The lenses use a strong hinge lock to stay on appropriately
  • The lenses can be changed out in seconds


  • The chromatic lenses are not included
  • There are not multiple sizes for this mask

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3. GI Sportz Vforce Profiler

Profiler Vforce Profiler Black


GI Sportz is another top-tier brand in the paintball world. As one of the most inexpensive masks on the list, they still pack a mighty punch when you are out playing paintball. With these goggles coming in the color of black, you will blend in like never before, no matter the course and environment. Also, at only 1 pound, this mask is as light as they come.

The next thing to take into account with this mask is the peripheral vision you will receive from it. With 280 degrees for your field vision, there will be few things you will not see out on the course. The design of this mask is not something to scoff at either. A low profile helps to reduce the target zone on your face, which is something we can all appreciate.

Comfort is the last thing that you will truly love this mask. Not only will the mask feel great on your face, but the lightweight construction allows for maximum movement. Add in the soft density foam, and you can bet you will have a phenomenal experience playing the sport you love.


  • The visor is removable
  • The lenses are a thermal creation
  • These lenses are anti-fog
  • You will not sweat in this mask
  • The lower portion of the mask is rubberily allowing for paintballs to bounce off
  • Comes with a carrying bag


  • Paint can get under the lenses and onto your face
  • The yellow film has to be removed from the lenses

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4. Invert Helix Thermal Paintball Goggles Mask

Invert Helix Thermal Paintball Goggles Mask -...


Invert is the next model you have to check out to believe it is real. With its beautiful olive color, you can get you will blend into your surroundings. Since this product has smoke lenses, know you will be able to see and be protected like never before. Additionally, this product is as light as they come. At only 14.1 ounces, you will not even notice this mask on your face.

The foam for this mask is also heavy-duty. Add in the lens clip and the visor, and you get one of the superb paintball masks money can buy. If you are are a glasses wearer, as well, know this mask will fit over them, so you do not have to worry about your vision in the slightest.

Lastly, you can make modifications to this product. For example, you may want to mount a GoPro to your mask. This is certainly possible! By drilling a hole in the top of your helmet, you can mount a camera with ease and precision. The visor can be removed and reinserted depending if you want to keep the sun, rain, snow, et.c out of your line of sight.


  • Has anti-fog technology
  • This mask will also work with airsoft competition
  • Very lightweight model
  • Super easy to clean when you are finished paintballing
  • The comfort level is unparalleled
  • Keeps you warm in the coldest of weather


  • Not ideal for competition in the sun
  • Is not great for people with large head sizes

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5. JT Spectra Flex 8 Full Head and Face Coverage

JT Flex-8 Head Guard Grey


JT is the next brand that you need to take note of. With three colors to choose from (black, camo, and olive), you will certainly stay out of view of your competition. The field of vision is quite good, as well, at 260-degrees. The spectra lens does a great job of protecting, as well as allowing you to see more clearly than ever before.

The design for this mask is special, too. With dual fusion technology, the molding of this mask gives you a great ventilation system to help you breathe, even when you are running around rampant. The full head of coverage is nothing to smirk at either. With the best protection around, expect a paintball to the head will feel like a little blip on the radar screen for you.

When you purchase this luxury model, know that you have a visor that can be removed with no problems to you at all. This way, you can modify your mask to the way you want it to be. At only 2.15 pounds, this model does not weigh much at all. By playing paintball using the correct rules, you will certainly be safe and protected with this great model.


  • Will had a shot at 300 feet per second
  • This mask is a universal fit
  • The mask can fit over corrective glasses
  • These lenses are double pane
  • Very lightweight model
  • The comfort level is out of the world amazing


  • The visor removal can be a little difficult
  • The noise cushion can hurt breathing

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6. Dye i5 Paintball Goggle

Dye i5 Paintball Goggle (AF1)


Dye has done it again with this splendid model. With seven colors to choose from, Dye knows that you care about style and design. You can choose from AF1, Emerald, Onyx, Patriot, Onyx/Gold, Storm, and White/Gold. Few brands have options as Dye does.

After the color scheme, you will love the way the mask feels and reacts to you. With the Pro Strap design and tension control, you will get stellar protection that you never thought was possible in the sport of paintball. Since you will have unparalleled safety, your head will be protected. You, also, will have a clear line of sight with this model. The 290-degrees gives you full ranges of your competition. With the help of an anti-fog lens, you will not be distracted either. So, look horizontally and vertically with ease.

The scream venting is also super cool. With blade angling that is patented, you can expect heat and moisture to go by the wayside. When that happens, you will be able to communicate with ease. Another cool thing about this makes is the fact amount is included. This means you do not need to drill a hole into your expensive mask and get all the footage you ever wanted.


  • The foam kit is a quick release
  • You can change out the lens in no time at all
  • More foam and lens option than ever before
  • Protects against UV rays
  • You can wireless sync to this mask
  • The mask is ASTM certified


  • The lens removal can be a pain
  • Glasses inside the mask can fog up

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7. BASE Paintball Goggles

Base GS-O Operator Thermal Paintball Goggles -...


Are you looking for a solid pack of masks? Well, you have come to the right place when it comes to BASE Googles. This 5-pack can come in the colors black, green, and slate gray. From there, you have to understand all the benefits you will get from these masks.

First off, the protection you will receive here is ballistic. These masks go above and beyond the ASTM safety standards. Additionally, you can use .50 and .68 caliber shell paintballs. Even 6mm airsoft will work here.

The next great thing you will notice about these masks is the clarity you will get with your vision. With wide angles, you will have a better line of sight than you ever dreamed of. Having a quick release also means that you can replace the lenses whenever you want. Also, the standards lens will not fog up for you and will be free of moisture altogether.

Lastly, for added protection, you can bet that the foam eye armor will protect your vision from any harm. Your ears, mouth, and nose will not take a beating either. This is the kind of functional fit that you can expect from this brand. With no slipping and reduced glare, you got everything you need in this paintball mask.


  • Comes with a built-in visor
  • No glare will happen no matter the elements
  • The strap is woven with silicon
  • The profile is quite contoured
  • Uses EVA foam
  • The product only weighs 2 pounds


  • Changin the lens color could affect glare
  • The ventilation could be better here

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8. Empire E-Flex Paintball Goggle System

Empire Paintball E-Flex Goggle, Black


As a quality imported model, Empire makes a super mask. With four colors to choose from (black, grey, red, and white), there is plenty to consider here. The vents are one of the best things about this paintball mask. You will be able to breathe easily, as well as change out your lenses whenever you want.

The lenses themselves are anti-fog and thermal in their design. With zero optical distortion, you will have the best line of sight to compete against any opponent. The mask itself is very soft and will not agitate your face in the slightest. Made with hypo-allergenic materials, you will never get a rash from this mask. The foam will protect you, and it will not weigh down your face either.

Since the mask only weighs 1.9 pounds, you can bet you will be getting the kind of product that you will keep around for years to come. The quality strap and replaceable foam rounds out one of the best masks in the business.


  • Expect comfort from this mask
  • Extra durable no matter how often you play paintball per week
  • Never a chance this mask will fog
  • Can be warm in the hottest and coldest of conditions
  • Can take a hit from feet away
  • Will save money from making this purchase


  • May need to trim the foam around the nose
  • Not the best customer service

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9. G.I. SPORTZ Grill Goggles

G.I. SPORTZ Grill Goggles, Black


The next googles are sure to impress. From GI Spotz, these black goggles are as good as they come. They are cutting edge in terms of their design. Also, can expect thermo-based anti-fog tech, and the lenses will not scratch either. Your optics will never be distorted because of the aggressive-looking, spherical lenses. For unrestricted vision, you have to get these googles among all else.

The design of these goggles will continue to impress you when you know that they are designed to take some hard shots to the face. With the profile itself being small, you will get hit less as well. The bounce protects will even have some paintballs just bound off without hurting you at all. This is the type of pro-grill that you can be proud of knowing you will be protected by solid rubber.


  • The product only weighs one pound
  • You can use this mask for other uses like airsoft
  • Can modify your mask by adding spikes
  • The mask breaks down to 3 pieces in 3 minutes tops
  • The whole lenses can be removed
  • Will be able to breathe easy in this mask


  • Can only wear small glasses under the goggles
  • Might have to modify the mask to make sure paintballs will not get in underneath

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10. Empire EVS Paint Mask

Empire EVS Paintball Mask/Thermal Goggles (LE...


Empire has done it again with another spectacular paintball mask. With three sleek designs of olive tiger stripe, tan/black, and white black, you get a sweet “Halo” look-alike mask. The best thing about the goggles is the fact that the lens is distortion-free. This means, whether you are indoor or outdoors, dealing with the elements or not, your vision will not be hindered.

With a degree field of 270-degrees, you will have a mammoth vision wherever you look. The goggles are also resistant to any scratches, so you can rest easy at night. Additionally, the lenses will not reflect and UV radiation will not get in either.

There will be no need to use any tools for this mask when replacing out the lenses either. This means you will have a stress-free time working on your quality mask. With a flexible molded skirt, paintballs will bounce instead of splatter, keeping you in the game longer than ever before. Also, any shot to the face will not hurt as bad either.


  • You will have a no-slip fit
  • The product weighs 2.1 pounds
  • Can upgrade and modify your mask at anytime
  • Comes with massive visibility
  • The side of the mask will never touch your ears
  • The quality is unmatched here


  • The mask is large if your face is small
  • You may not get a clear lens instead of a black one

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11. VForce Grill Thermal Paintball Mask


If you are looking for a straight-up Viking mask for paintballing, you have come to the right place with this VForce mask. The design is what you will notice first and foremost. The art is truly the best one on our list. There is a quick-change foam system inside that works whenever you want to swap things out. But, your foam will always stay dry and fresh, no matter if it is your first time playing in the day or you have been playing for hours on end.

With its featherweight design, you can bet this mask will not hold you down, but rather hold you up. There will never be any restricted movement, and the chin strap will keep your mask on your head. Even during the quickest of games, this mask will stay on.

The V-Flector is something else that has to be mentioned. It acts as a bounce-panel, and this will give you lens and face added protection like never before. Since all masks have a thermal lens, there will be no trouble with flogging in the slightest.


  • One of the main materials for this mask is rubber
  • The lens adapts to a variety of conditions like yellow, smoke-tinted, photochromatic, and much more
  • The mask only weighs 1.7 pounds
  • The visor can be removed
  • As comfortable a fit as they come
  • Amazing jaw protection


  • The mask can be a little short for some people
  • Does not come with a cloth bag for added protection


12. Empire Paintball Helix Thermal Lens Goggle


Empire has these sweet thermal lenses for you to enjoy. They are dual-pan for the best durability in the business. The sweet browser is something you will notice as well because you get a great brow shield and visor to boot. The log straps for the vents are a wonder to see, in the colors of black and grey.

If you are not a fan of the lens, no problem. They can easily be changed out, and the process will not stress you out either. Expect this mask to overprotect you because of the firm design made fully out of plastic. At only 14.4 ounces, this mask barely will be noticeable on your face.


  • Can be shipped anywhere in the United States of America
  • Can fit children up to adults
  • Great value for the money you pay
  • Extra comfy when the mask is on your face
  • The mask will hold up when a paintball hits it
  • Uses anti-fog technology


  • Cannot be shipped out of the United States of America
  • The lens is not tinted


13. Dye Special Edition Thermal Lens Paintball Goggles

Dye Special Edition Thermal Lens Paintball Goggles...


The last goggles on the list come to us, once again, from the great Dye company. As one of the best paintball masks on this list, you will love the double-paned design. This means that paintball will stay out and you will be comfortable under the mask. There will be no fogging with this mask, and your vision will never be blocked. With 260-degrees of vision, you will be able to see everything, whether you are indoors or outdoors.

If you are wanting to change the lenses out, it will only take you about 10 seconds. You can replace the foam in the mask, too, or just enjoy the supreme comfort it can give you right away. The earpieces should not be forgotten either. This will help you hear what is around you without losing sound in the process.


  • Venting will keep you extra cool
  • The product only weighs 11.7 ounces
  • Great for airsoft if you play
  • The mask can fit over smaller glasses
  • Perfect for youth and adults
  • Very easy to clean when you are all done with them


  • The bigger glass will not fit under this mask
  • This mask can be a little tight on the sides

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How to Protect Yourself During the Paintball Game


Besides wearing a mask, you must have the full range of protective equipment to stay safe and have more fun overall. Some precautions you can go with include wearing long sleeve clothing. This means pants and long sleeve shirts. Of course, in the winter, it will be easier to bundle up, but in the summer it gets hot. Try to have as much protection as possible without suffering from heat exhaustion.

Try wearing gloves as well. Nothing is worse than getting shot in the hands. Especially, if you are wearing a half mask, you need a beanie. This will give you the added protection you deserve.

Another thing you can do includes not firing blindly. You need to aim before you shoot. Sure, you might be able to hit someone with a paintball when firing blindly, but that is when most injuries take place. Blind shooting can hit a teammate, referee, and bystander, as well. Other protective measures include getting a sock or barrel plug to help out your gun. Then, you will not send errant shots.

The last way you can protect yourself and others is by storing your equipment out of the reach of young children. The rule of thumb should be to treat your paintball equipment like a real live gun in your house. This way, no one will get hurt under your watch.


FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions 


As we come to the end of our review/buying guide, we have the top questions that you need answers to help you make your final decision on a paintball mask. We know there are a ton of questions out there because we looked at a bunch out there. But, no need to be glum. We have you covered, so sit back and relax.

  • Q1: Do you need a special mask if you wear glasses?

This is certainly not true. There are a variety of masks out there that can fit over glasses perfectly. But, make sure to check out the reviews to see if this is possible. Not all masks are created equal, but most can handle glasses.

However, do make sure you get added foam around your glasses. Nothing would be worse than a paintball hitting your mask and causing your glasses to cut into your skin causing a lot of blood in the process. This way, you will get a full range of sight and comfort whenever you play the sport you love.

  • Q2: What is the best way to clean my paintball mask?

By getting out water and a rag, you will be able to clean your goggles with ease. A lens cleaner can be invaluable here as well. But, do not just go with any kind of lens cleaner. Each manufacturer has its approved cleaner that will work for the mask you purchase.

You might be able to get away with a different lens cleaner, but do not take that chance. Look for foam cleaners that can clean all the sweat that has gotten into your maks. But, some foams can damage your goggles, so be very wary.

Some cleaners can even add to fogging issues. Substances like Windex and 409 can cause your lenses to fog up, even if they have anti-fog technology. So, do not take any unwanted chances here.

  • Q3: How can I get my lenses not to fog?

There are sprays out there that you can use. They prevent vapor from getting on the surface at all. These substances are quite inexpensive.

If this is not working for you, go with thermal lenses. They are double-lens options that have air in between them. Even at different temperatures, these lenses will not fog. You can even get a mask fan if troubles persist. This can be placed at the very top of your goggles and battery power will do the trick to evaporate condensation.

  • Q4: What is the most I should pay for a mask?

When looking for the right mask for you, do not spend more than $250. There are plenty of options out there that will do wonders for you. Anything more is just excess.


Final Verdict

You have now heard all about the best paintball masks. Since you are well-educated to this point, it is time for you to make a crucial decision. Not only should your mask have a great style, but it should protect you first and foremost.

Do not second guess yourself here. You should be confident about going into the buying process because you have all the tools at your disposal. Make sure to come back to this article whenever you need a refresher. There are plenty of products, tips, and questions answered to bring about the best purchase for you.

Best of luck out there playing paintball. Be safe and enjoy this fun and active sport. There is not much more beauty in the world than seeing paint splatter all over your opponent after you have made a kill shot.

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