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The Best Roll Up Tonneau Cover in 2022 – Reviews & Buying Guide

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According to recent statistics, one of the most popular modes of transport among most US residents is a pickup truck. In fact, over 2.9 million pickup truck models were estimated to have been sold in 2019 alone. But, why is the pickup truck so popular? Well, here’s why. The modern-day truck is designed with a bigger carrying capacity that lets you haul or tow almost anything.

Unfortunately, though, the wide truck bed of these utilitarian vehicles is not secure enough to keep your cargo well protected from prying eyes and the elements. For that reason, the best roll-up tonneau cover automatically becomes an irresistible option that will guarantee you some peace of mind.

But, although a roll-up tonneau cover is a great idea, choosing one that will combine specific traits such as water resistance, ease of usage, affordability, and resistance to nasty UV rays isn’t just a walk in the park. For that reason, this guide has come in handy to discuss ten of the best tonneau covers that will keep your cargo safe against theft and damages caused by the changing weather.



Best Roll Up Tonneau Cover: Editor’s Top Picks


Top 10 Best Roll Up Tonneau Cover Reviews:


1. Tyger Auto T2 Low Profile Soft Roll Up Truck Bed Tonneau Cover

Tyger Auto T2 Low Profile Soft Roll Up Truck Bed...


So, to get started, we’ll start by discussing the Tyger Auto T2 Roll Up Tonneau Cover. The reason why this tonneau cover came first is due to its outstanding reputation among most truck owners. Founded by a team of experts from the US and Canada, this roll up cover has come to offer impressive aspects that guarantee diehards 100% customer satisfaction. One of those aspects is the heavy-duty construction that consists of a dual-coating made of 24oz marine-grade vinyl.

By combining this fabric with the aircraft-grade aluminum side rails and stainless steel clamps, this tonneau cover can lie flat on your truck bed to seal your cargo against rainwater, snow, dust, and possible theft.

As opposed to most hard roll up covers, the Tyger Auto T2 has a low-profile design that makes it extremely easy to mount on your truck’s side rails. It also has a Velcro strip on the sides and a latch lock system on the tailgate to provide a tight fit.

But, despite being a great performer in the tonneau cover business, the Tyger Auto T2 isn’t designed for everyone. Instead, it’s strictly designed to fit all 2009-2019 Dodge Ram models with a truck bed that measures 5.7 ft. This means that if your truck model has a bigger truck bed, then this tonneau cover may fail to offer a secure fit from the back of the cabin to the tailgate.


  • Has a US patented design that meets OE quality standards.
  • Offers a limited lifetime warranty.
  • Made from a dual coating of marine-grade vinyl.
  • Reinforced with aluminum side rails and steel clamps.
  • Velcro strips and rear latches make installation a breeze.


  • It’s quite hard to latch it on the tailgate.

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2. TruXedo TruXport Soft Roll Up Truck Bed Tonneau Cover

TruXedo TruXport Soft Roll Up Truck Bed Tonneau...


If you own a 2009-2018, 2019-2020 Classic Ram 1500, 2500, or the 3500, then there’s something to smile about. The TruXedo TruXport Soft Roll Up Tonneau Cover has come a long way to provide you with an excellent protective cover that will give you some peace of mind when hauling sensitive cargo.

Now, one of the factors that make this tonneau cover a must-buy is the heavy-duty construction that consists of a sleek and stylish leather grain vinyl. With such a heavy-duty fabric, your cargo will receive excellent protection against harsh elements meaning you’ll have nothing to worry about when driving.

Other than serving its purpose, this tonneau cover is aesthetically appealing which is an added plus if you’re looking to make your truck the king of the highway. This is highlighted by its sleek profile that lets it rest at least 1.5” above the truck bed. And, apart from its blazing beauty, this design is claimed to offer some aerodynamic advantage which is a huge plus when driving as it helps to improve your truck’s fuel economy.

To those worried about the installation, the TruXedo TruXport is equipped with dual paddle latches and pre-set tension controls that allow you to conveniently secure the tonneau cover on both the sides and the rear of the truck. This tonneau cover is specifically designed for 6 ft. 4 inches truck beds and it’s backed by a 5-year limited warranty.


  • Fits a wide range of Classic Ram truck models.
  • Made from tough leather grain vinyl.
  • The dual pad latches make installation an easy process.
  • Installation doesn’t require any drilling.
  • Improves your truck’s fuel economy.


  • The tension straps break easily.
  • The instruction manual is quite shallow.

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3. Gator ETX Soft Roll Up Truck Bed Tonneau Cover

Gator ETX Soft Roll Up Truck Bed Tonneau Cover |...


The Gator ETX Soft Roll Up Tonneau Cover is a smart purchase that seems to suit motorists who own 2014-2018, 2019 Chevrolet Silverado and Limited/Legacy GMC Sierra. Just like the rest of the truck bed covers we’ve discussed, the Gator ETX is also patented in the USA using a double-coated leather-grain vinyl fabric to give it added reinforcement against abuse caused by harsh weather conditions.

Besides, this tonneau cover is reinforced with horizontal crossbars running from one side to the other to prevent it from sagging in case rainwater or snow settles at the top. About installation, Gator has worked tirelessly to ensure that this tonneau cover offers the simplest installation process.

While other tonneau covers demand that you drill holes to fit the clamps, this one comes with everything ready meaning you only need to clamp the rails on the car’s chassis to make it easier to roll the cover.

Now, just like the rest of the tonneau covers we’ve discussed, the Gator ETX is not compatible with all trucks. Instead, its size allows it to only fit 5 ft. 8 inches truck beds. It’s also designed to mount inside the rails leaving your truck’s stake pocket holes perfectly exposed to fit other accessories. Backed by a lifetime frame warranty and a 10-year tarp warranty, this tonneau cover is one of the best buys you can’t shy away from.


  • Has an adjustable tension control that maintains tightness.
  • Horizontal crossbars prevent the cover from sagging.
  • Leather grain vinyl provides added protection against wear.
  • Proudly made in the USA.
  • A low-profile design complements the looks of your truck.


  • Minor cases of leakage.

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4. MaxMate Roll Up Truck Bed Tonneau Cover

MaxMate Roll Up Truck Bed Tonneau Cover Works with...


The MaxMate Roll Up Tonneau Cover is one of the cheapest truck bed covers that will always strive to give you the very best. Designed with a USA patented design, this tonneau cover is intended to fit all Dodge Ram 1500 models of 2009 to 2019. Its construction comprises of a 24oz dual-coated marine-grade vinyl that withstands the toughest weather conditions. To keep it well reinforced, MaxMate has added a heavy-duty aluminum frame and horizontal crossbars to prevent any possible sagging.

If you’re worried about the installation, the MaxMate Roll Up Tonneau Cover will give you every reason to smile. That’s because this truck bed cover comes with drill-free clamps that connect to your truck’s chassis without having to drill any holes.

It also comes with an adjustable tension system; Velcro strips and a latch lock system that lets you roll the vinyl cover effortlessly without having to hire an extra pair of arms. This tonneau cover is wrinkle-free and has a low profile that gives your truck some majestic looks when driving on a busy highway.


  • Has an aerodynamic advantage that saves on fuel costs.
  • The marine-grade vinyl fabric is highly resistant to wear.
  • Perfect for Dodge Ram with a 5 ft. 8-inches truck bed.
  • Fast installation procedure.
  • Relatively affordable.


  • The plastic latches used are not tough enough.
  • The Velcro is relatively weaker.

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5. Lund Genesis Elite Roll Up, Soft Roll Up Truck Bed Tonneau Cover

Lund Genesis Elite Roll Up Soft Roll Up Truck Bed...


The Lund Genesis Elite Roll Up Tonneau Cover is one of the heaviest tonneau cover versions you’ll find in the market. This is all thanks to its premium matte canvas construction that gives it a superior reinforcement against rainwater, dust, mold, mildew, and UV rays. But, despite being heavy, Lund Genesis has not sacrificed simplicity at all. In fact, they’ve managed to maintain the softness and the sleek design of this tonneau cover to make the roll up the process as easy as possible.

Now, if your job involves hauling cargo from time to time, this tonneau cover has a lot to offer. First, it gives you easy access to your truck’s bed by just rolling the cover gently. Secondly, this cover has a unique aerodynamic shape that helps to reduce drag for a more improved fuel economy. Lastly, the Lund Genesis Elite Roll Up Tonneau Cover is very easy to install as you won’t require any special tools to mount the rails.

Just like the rest of the tonneau covers we’ve already discussed, this one too is proudly made in the USA meaning you’ll get an authentic product that has met all the required certifications. Backed with a limited lifetime warranty, the Lund Genesis Elite Roll Up Tonneau Cover is specifically designed for the 2014 to 2018 GMC Sierra and Chevrolet Silverado with a truck bed size of 6 ft. 7-inches.


  • Made from a premium matte canvas fabric.
  • Highly resist to all weather conditions.
  • Aerodynamic shape reduces drag for improved fuel economy.
  • Reinforced with heavy-duty aluminum rails.
  • Offers a lifetime limited warranty.


  • Quite loose causing it to leak around the edges.

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6. Tyger Auto TG-BC1D9014 T1 Soft Roll Up Truck Tonneau Cover

Tyger Auto T1 Soft Roll-up Truck Bed Tonneau Cover...


At the beginning of our discussion, we mentioned the Tyger Auto T2 which we said was intended for truck beds measuring 5 ft. 7-inches. This time around, we’ve added another Tyger tonneau cover which is the Tyger Auto TG-BC1D9014 T1 Tonneau Cover. Just like our previous Tyger Auto T2, this one too is designed from a heavy-duty 24oz marine-grade vinyl that’s known to offer tremendous strength and protection against wear caused by harsh weather conditions.

To those hauling oversized cargo, this tonneau cover will never disappoint you as it’s reinforced with aluminum crossbars that keep it well erected to prevent sagging. TheTyger Auto T1 doesn’t just stop there. It’s one of the easiest tonneau covers to mount as it comes with all the required installation hardware that includes aluminum side rails and stainless steel clamps.

It also comes with an adjustable tension system that lets you adjust the side rails to keep the tonneau cover tight depending on the situation. This truck bedcover is also equipped with Velcro strips on the sides and a latch lock system on the tailgate section to make roll up an easy process. Also backed with a limited lifetime warranty, the Tyger Auto T1 is a smart choice for all 2002 to 2018 Dodge Ram 1500, 2019 to 2020 1500 Classic, and 2003 to 2018 Dodge Ram 2500 and 3500 models.


  • Compatible with a wide range of pickup truck models.
  • Easy installation process without the need for any special tools.
  • Made from heavy-duty materials.
  • Offers all-weather compatibility.
  • Comes with a Tyger lifetime warranty.


  • The latches are quite weak.
  • You need to remove any cargo rails before installing this cover.

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7. TruXedo TruXport Soft Roll Up Truck Bed Tonneau Cover

TruXedo TruXport Soft Roll Up Truck Bed Tonneau...


Previously, we discussed the TruXedo TruXport 246901 which was designed for truck beds measuring 6 ft. 4 -inches. This time around, we’ve got yet another model from the same manufacturer which is the TruXedo TruXport 272001. While our previous model was compatible with a wide range of Classic Ram models, this one is quite different as it’s specifically designed to fit 2014 to 2019 Limited/Legacy GMC Sierra and Chevrolet Silverado 1500, 2500HD, and 3500HD models with a truck bed measuring 6ft. 6-inches.

The TruXedo TruXport 272001 is made from a leather grain vinyl fabric that’s highly resistant to tough weather conditions. Apart from securing your cargo from dust, UV rays, rainwater, and snow, the black leather grains allow this tonneau cover to give your truck a distinctive good look especially when paired with other decorative stunts.

When it comes to the installation, this best tonneau cover will not take you more than 30 minutes to mount. That’s because there are no special tools needed during the installation process. Opening and closing your truck bed will also be an easy one-step process as you’ll only need to adjust the adjustable tensioners and the dual paddle latches on the sides and the tailgate.


  • Designed to withstand the toughest weather conditions.
  • Its sleek design and high profile give your truck a distinctive good look.
  • Also has an aerodynamic shape that lowers fuel consumption.
  • The dual paddle latches make it easier to open and close the truck bed.
  • Proudly made in the USA.


  • The wrinkles are hard to take off.
  • Doesn’t fit perfectly.

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8. Tonno Pro Lo Roll, Soft Roll-up Truck Bed Tonneau Cover

Tonno Pro Lo Roll, Soft Roll-up Truck Bed Tonneau...


The Tonno Pro LR-1050 Tonneau Cover is another convenient option if you’re driving 2014 to 2018, 2019 Limited/Legacy GMC Sierra or the Chevrolet Silverado 1500 models with a truck bed size of 5ft. 8-inches. This model of tonneau cover comes in three major variations that include the hard tri-fold, the soft roll-up, and the soft tri-fold. This specific version is the soft roll-up meaning it’s one of the simplest tonneau covers you’ll be getting.

But, despite being soft, this tonneau cover has a lot under its belt. One of the things you’ll truly appreciate about it is the 24oz double-sided vinyl fabric that’s stitched using a special marine-grade technology. This means that this truck bed cover is 100% water-resistant. And since you’ll expect to drive under inclement weather, Tonno Pro has guaranteed maximum durability of this cover against harmful UV rays, dust, snow, and mildew.

As if they aren’t done, Tonno Pro has added all the necessary mounting hardware in the package to make installation a less hectic process. The package comes with side rails, clamps, ladder racks, and bike racks to make everything as simple as possible. Rolling and unrolling this tonneau cover to access the truck’s bed has also been made easier thanks to the Velcro-style fasteners.


  • It’s compatible with a wide range of truck models.
  • Has Velcro-style fasteners for fast rolling and unrolling.
  • Easy assembly takes around 25 minutes.
  • Marine-grade stitching offers weather-tight sealing.
  • The package comes with several additional accessories.


  • Allows rainwater to accumulate at the top.
  • The clamps are quite flimsy.

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9. North Mountain Soft Vinyl Roll-up Tonneau Cover

North Mountain Soft Roll Up Tonneau Cover for...


Although the North Mountain Soft Vinyl Tonneau Cover appeared so late in our discussion, it’s one of the smartest options that have made a huge difference among most Ford-150 pickup truck owners. The US patented design that includes an OEM American grade stitching technology has been one of the major selling points of this tonneau cover as they have played a major role in affirming the brand’s authenticity.

Still, on the stitching, this truck bed cover is made out of an all-weather resistant vinyl fabric that’s stitched with a tear-resistant nylon thread to prevent wear and any possible water leakage. Apart from just moisture, the vinyl fabric has been lab-tested to resist the effects of UV radiation as well as extremely cold weather.

About its usage, the North Mountain Soft Vinyl Tonneau Cover offers a lot of convenience to all users. First, installation is super easy as you only need to mount the clamps and the side rails before putting on the tonneau cover. Accessing your truck bed is another extremely easy process as you only need to slide the tonneau cover by rolling it or unrolling it along the side rails.


  • Has a sleek design that gives it a low-profile appearance.
  • Easy to mount as well as open and close the cover.
  • Marine-grade stitching offers a unique all-weather seal.
  • Has a North Mountain signature to guarantee its authenticity.
  • Uses a double-sided tear-free vinyl fabric.


  • The spar straps leave a ¾ “ gap causing the cover to wobble.

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10. Extang Express Tonno Soft Roll-up Truck Bed Tonneau Cover

Extang Express Tonno Soft Roll-up Truck Bed...


The Extang Express Tonno 50791 Soft Roll-up Cover is one of the priciest tonneau covers in our discussion. This makes it one of the best all-weather tonneau covers that will always maintain the highest quality structural integrity when driving in inclement weather. When it comes to the installation, this truck bed cover will not demand you to cut or drill through your truck’s chassis just to mount the clamps and the side rails.

Instead, the installation process is super easy with the help of just a wrench to stretch the automatic tension system for a tighter fit. Just like mounting this tonneau cover, using it is another very easy procedure. Here, you only need to roll the cover along the Velcro strips to access the truck bed.

Now, the Extang Express Tonno 50791 comes in four major variations that are compatible with the 5.6ft., 6.6ft., 6.6ft., and 8ft. track beds. This specific model is compatible with the 6.6ft. truck beds of all 2009 to 2014 Ford F-150 pickup trucks. It also has an impressive dustproof rating and the ability to withstand tough weather conditions making it one of the best roll up tonneau covers for F150.


  • Protects your cargo against harsh weather conditions.
  • Compatible with a wide range of pickup truck models.
  • The leather grain fabric has a low profile that offers aerodynamic benefits.
  • At 25 pounds, this cover is very easy to handle.
  • Comes with an auto-adjusting tension system.


  • This tonneau cover is quite expensive.

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Factors to Consider When Picking a Roll-Up Tonneau Cover


Reading about the best tonneau covers is one thing and getting to the actual buying process is another. Although we’ve discussed ten of the best covers you can consider for your pickup truck, singling out one specific model from a myriad of options can be quite overwhelming.

That’s because there are key factors that require more thought. Since these factors play a paramount role when making your final decision, we’ve managed to list them to help you make an educated maneuver.


  • 1. Compatibility:

The first factor you need to think of when picking a tonneau cover is its compatibility with your specific pickup truck model. You see, regardless of how classy or how feature-rich a tonneau cover is, provided it doesn’t fit on your truck bed, all its good features automatically become useless.

Thankfully, most of the manufacturers (which is clearly highlighted in our review section above) have clearly indicated the size of their tonneau covers and the specific truck models they’re compatible with. With that said, always take your time to go through the specs before picking a tonneau cover.

  • 2. Quality of the Material:

Since we’re dealing with soft tonneau covers, cases of punctures and rapid wear are expected to be evidenced depending on the type of physical abuse you’re exposing your cover to. So, to offer some resilience, you need to pick a tonneau cover that’s made of a durable material such as marine-grade vinyl.

The cover should also be stitched using tough nylon threads then reinforced using an aluminum frame and horizontal crossbars to give it a premium structural integrity.

The tonneau cover should sit flush on the side rails to prevent any rainwater from penetrating the cargo haul. It should also offer tremendous UV protection as well as guarantee high dustproof capability.

  • 3. Ease of Installation:

The level of difficulty you’ll experience when installing a tonneau cover will differ depending on the type of cover you’re mounting. Thankfully, most soft tonneau covers are quite easy to install without demanding any professional knowledge or special tools. In the case of hard roll up tonneau covers, you’ll have to drill through your truck’s chassis just to install extra hardware.

Thankfully, soft roll up tonneau covers don’t require such a lengthy process. Instead, they only require you to attach the clamps and the Velcro side slips in a process that only takes you around 30 minutes.

  • 4. Level of Maintenance:

Most of today’s aftermarket upgrades require regular maintenance to stay in good shape. Tonneau covers are part of such upgrades meaning they’re not an exception. But, although that’s the case, different types of tonneau covers require different levels of maintenance. For instance, most vinyl tonneau covers require a small amount of maintenance that involves washing the cover using a specific cleaning agent.

However, a variety of other fabrics require a complex cleaning procedure that might end up costing you a lot more than you previously thought. So, when picking your preferred truck bed cover, always put this consideration in the forefront to avoid making the wrong decision. Also, check the clamps, the Velcro strips, and the side rails to ensure that they’re easy to maintain.

  • 5. Security Features:

Now, if security is a concern, then you might need to consider this factor. This is especially so if you’re fond of hauling sensitive cargo that requires extreme security from prying eyes. For that reason, you need to consider choosing a tonneau cover that comes with a key lock. You can also choose one with a tailgate lock meaning you have to open the tailgate first for you to access it.

  • 6. Price and Warranty:

The last two factors you need to inspect when choosing a tonneau cover are price and warranty information. About the price, you need to come up with a budget that you believe will work for you without leaving a dent in your wallet.

Thankfully, most of the tonneau covers we’ve discussed here are available at affordable prices meaning you won’t have to overpay just to get them. When it comes to the warranty, you need to pick a tonneau cover that offers excellent warranty coverage.


Tonneau Cover Types


Now that we’ve discussed some of the factors you need to consider when picking a tonneau cover, our next step will be learning about the different types of truck bed covers that are available in the market. Although there’s a lot to digest, this guide has filtered only four of the most popular tonneau covers that you’re likely to come across.


  • 1. Folding Tonneau Cover

The reason why this type of tonneau cover came first is simply because it’s the most common in the market. So, whether you’re using a soft cover or the best hard roll up tonneau cover, there’s a great chance that you’ll come across this type of truck bed cover at some point.

Now, folding covers can either be bi-fold or tri-fold. Since their folding technique marries protection with convenience, they’re the best in keeping your cargo well protected while still offering instant access to your cargo haul.


  • 2. Roll up Tonneau Covers

These types of tonneau covers are also very common in the market. In fact, our discussion today revolves around these truck bed covers. Roll up covers can either be hard or soft. The hard versions are made of plastic or aluminum while the soft versions are primarily made of vinyl or canvas.

Just like the folding tonneau covers, these ones too fold in a similar fashion only that you have to roll them up like a carpet. These covers are generally inexpensive and they provide the simplest way to access your truck bed.


  • 3. Retractable Tonneau Covers

These types of tonneau covers work by retracting to themselves to give you access to the cargo haul. They’re both stylish and very functional as their sleek low profile looks provide aesthetic effects while still offering aerodynamic benefits to your truck. The best thing about these types of covers is that they’re very secure which is all thanks to their lockable opening and closing points.


  • 4. Hinged Tonneau Covers

The last choice you’re likely to find in the market is the hinged tonneau cover. While most of the truck bed cover models are either folded or rolled, this one requires hinges that allow the cover to erect from the tailgate to the back of the cabin.

Although they don’t guarantee you total access to your truck bed like roll up covers do, these types of tonneau covers have a lot of strength that allows them to endure heavy knocks. They can also be customized to resemble the color of your truck.


Benefits of Tonneau Covers


Now that we’ve mentioned almost everything you need to know about tonneau covers, how much do you know about their benefits? You see, if you happen to ask most folks, they’ll tell you that tonneau covers are classy elements that improve the overall aesthetics of your truck.

You may not have realized is that their benefits stretch way beyond their attractiveness. For that reason, here are five more benefits that make a tonneau cover a significant purchase.


  1. They Boost Security: It’s said that “Out of Sight Out of Mind”. What I mean by this is that the best hard roll up tonneau cover will generally keep your cargo out of sight and mind of potential thieves. This is so if you’re hauling sensitive or highly expensive cargo that requires maximum security. So, by concealing it using a tonneau cover that has a secure locking mechanism, then your cargo will be kept safe and away from potential theft.


  1. Offers Safe Transport: One of the major reasons why pickup trucks are so important is because they have a bigger carrying capacity as compared to smaller cars. This makes it possible to haul heavy and oversized luggage without going beyond the vehicle’s carrying capacity. But, since a truck’s cargo haul is usually open, concealing it using a tonneau cover means that your cargo will be transported more safely without being exposed to inclement weather.


  1. Enhanced Gas Mileage: This is one of the biggest benefits of the best hard folding tonneau cover that often go unnoticed. You see, an open truck bed usually generates a lot of drag that causes you to pay more on fuel costs. But, the moment you fit a tonneau cover on your truck’s bed, this issue is automatically solved as most covers have aerodynamic designs that allow precise airflow when driving. As a result, fuel economy is automatically enhanced meaning you won’t have to pay more for fuel.


  1. Keeps the Cargo Haul Organized: One of the most frustrating things when hauling your cargo is to inspect the truck’s bed only to find it looking messy with spills and everything scattered all over. To reduce such chaos, a tonneau cover can be a perfect option. By mounting it tightly on your truck’s side rails, a truck bed cover can keep everything organized during a long drive without allowing anything to shift to overturn.


  1. Adds Value: The last benefit of a tonneau cover is that it adds some value to your truck. First, it keeps your truck in good shape, and second, it boosts its visual attractiveness meaning your truck can be resold at a higher value. It also keeps your cargo safe from theft and helps to boost low gas mileage.


Installation of Roll Up Tonneau Cover


Now that you’ve purchased a tonneau cover for your truck, the next step is to install it on your truck’s bed to give your auto a new revamped look. In case you’re not aware of how to install it, here’s a simple process you might wish to follow.

  1. Preparation: As usual, the first step is always to gather the supplies and get ready for the initial process. Here, you need to open the package and place all the mounting accessories on the table. You might also need the help of simple tools such as wrenches, measuring tape, and additional clamps.


  1. Start with the Side Rails: With the tailgate already open, start mounting the side rails by placing them loosely on the truck’s bed rail. You can ask a friend to hold them for you or you can use clamps. In case your model doesn’t have the side rails, you’ll need to use the clamps which must be attached to the metal part of the bed rails. Always make sure that the clamps are distributed evenly.


  1. Install the Velcro Strip: So, once you’re done installing the side rails, the next step is to install the Velcro strips. To do this, you first have to lay down a rubber seal that will prevent water, dust, or wind from penetrating to the cargo haul. Next, lay down the Velcro strip over the rubber seal.


  1. Mount the Cover: When you’re done installing the rubber seal and the Velcro strip, the last step is to mount your soft roll up tonneau cover. To do this, simply run the tonneau cover from the tailgate to the back of your truck’s cabin while ensuring the cover is connected to the Velcro. When you’re done, engage the tension adjusters on the side rails to tighten the cover then close the tailgate to keep the cover well secured.


Maintaining Tips


If you’ve read up to this point, then it means you’ve already shopped for a tonneau cover and installed it right on your truck’s bed. The last piece of information that’s needed to complete the puzzle is to learn how to maintain your tonneau cover. So, whether you’re dealing with a soft cover or the best hard tonneau cover, here are some maintenance tips you might wish to consider.

  • When washing your tonneau cover, always use the right cleaning reagents that will not damage your soft roll up cover. Also, ensure that you clean it at least once every month to remove any debris that can scratch or puncture its surface
  • Always inspect the tonneau cover regularly and remove any debris or pointed objects that can dent, scratch, or puncture the cover.
  • Although most soft roll up tonneau covers are reinforced with horizontal crossbars, this doesn’t mean the cover is 100% firm. Therefore, avoid leaving heavy equipment on top as this can cause the aluminum frame to dent and later sag inwards.


FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions


  • How Long Will My Tonneau Cover Last?

The life expectancy of a tonneau cover greatly varies depending on its brand and the type of materials used in the construction. Since these covers are expected to go through a lot such as withstanding extreme UV rays, heavy snow, dust, and rainwater, their life expectancy can generally lower if you’re using a low-grade cover.

However, if its quality is marine-grade, then it will generally last for a long time. In fact, most tonneau covers can last longer just like your truck since they come with a lifetime warranty.


  • Which Type of Tonneau Cover is the Best For My Truck?

Earlier on, we mentioned the different types of tonneau covers that range from soft roll up covers, hinged, folding to the best retractable tonneau cover. All these tonneau covers are usually categorized into either soft or hard covers. Hard truck bed covers are made of plastic or aluminum. They’re considered to be tough on one side and pricey on the other. Soft covers, on the other hand, are considered to be gentler.

The best thing about them is that they’re affordable and their rolling mechanism gives you quick access to the cargo haul. So, if you’re focused more on price and ease of usage, then a soft cover is the best pick.


  • Do Tonneau Covers Improve Gas Mileage?

The simple answer is YES! According to most statistics, tonneau covers are considered to offer aerodynamic benefits to your truck by reducing drag. This in return helps to improve gas mileage to about 5% to 10%.


  • Can a Tonneau Cover Obstruct Me From Opening and Closing the Tailgate?

Provided you’re using a soft roll up tonneau cover, your tailgate will not be obstructed in any way. This is one convenient feature of using a soft tonneau cover as you can easily access the truck bed by opening the tailgate without having to fold the cover.

On the other hand, hard tonneau covers are the opposite of this. Since they have to protect the truck bed from rainwater or other tough weather conditions, their design allows them to overlap to the top of the tailgate to offer much-needed safety. For this reason, hard tonneau covers can greatly obstruct you from opening the tailgate.


Final Verdict


As you can see, the best roll up tonneau cover will always be an invaluable proposition when it comes to protecting your cargo from inclement weather and prying eyes. Since we do understand that picking a specific model from an ocean full of hundreds if not thousands of different brands and models can be quite overwhelming, this guide has saved you the hassle by deeply analyzing a wide range of tonneau covers to give you just ten of the very best.

So, by reviewing each of the ten soft roll up covers then perusing through our detailed buyer’s guide section, you’ll be in a position to make the right choice.

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