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The Best Soft Tip Dart Boards in 2022 – Reviews & Buying Guide

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The electronic dartboard is fast becoming a popular alternative in recent times. Its affordability and high level of safety have made it an excellent alternative when it comes to practicing darts. Besides, this board offers a safer and more interactive way for kids to play darts at home. But, regardless of how safe these boards are, finding the best soft tip dart board can be a tricky endeavor.

You see, in the past, the bristle dartboard was regarded as the official board regulated for professional play. However, with so many dart leagues now available, the soft tip dartboard has become a major prospect due to its advanced features and multiple playing options.

So, whether you’re looking for an electronic dartboard to hang in your rec room, for pub use, or professional play, picking one board from a wide array of options will definitely feel tag overwhelming. Due to this reason, this guide has compiled a list of ten highly-rated soft tip dartboards that are the leading elite models in the market.


Best Soft Tip Dart Boards: Editor’s Top Picks


Types of Soft Tip Dart Boards

When it comes to electronic dartboards, there are basically three major types of boards that are available. These include flat boards, bristle boards, and electronic soft tip boards.

  • Flat Boards:

Flat boards usually come in many variations. They’re mostly made of soft chipboard that has vibrant color printing to make the board aesthetically appealing. The printing can be an abstract illustration, a decorative illustration, or a 3D illustration. Since the soft chipboard used can be damaged by the aggressiveness of the steel tip darts, soft tip darts are usually considered the best.

  • Bristle Dartboard:

Another type of soft tip dartboard is the bristle variant. These boards are made out of sisal fiber that has been imported from Africa. Although these boards are played using steel tip darts, soft tip darts can also be used without any problem.

In fact, most people prefer to use soft tip darts on bristle boards to reduce the chances of accidents. Also, since the tips of these darts are very soft, you won’t have to worry about your floor or walls getting damaged by the darts.

  • Electronic Boards:

Lastly, we have electronic dartboards. These types of boards are made of plastic and have concave holes that help to minimize the chances of bounce-outs. These boards are powered using AC power or replaceable batteries. Since the target area is very soft, players are strictly recommended to use soft tip darts to avoid damaging the surface of the board.


Things to Consider When Buying a Soft Tip Dart Board

Electronic dartboards are a completely different prospect when compared to bristle dartboards. While bristle boards are played using steel tip darts, electronic boards are played using soft tip darts. Now, just as their name suggests, electronic boards are equipped with an inbuilt computer that records the scores.

But, despite these two specifications, there are lots of other incredible features that come with electronic dartboards. While some of these features are easy to identify, others are quite hidden and hard to recognize when making your choice. So, in this section, we will discuss at least 7 key parameters you’ll need to prioritize when picking a soft tip dart board.

  • Purpose:

When choosing an electronic dartboard, there are three questions you’ll need to ask yourself. First, who’s using the board? Secondly, is it for professional or for recreational use? Thirdly, have you ever played darts before?

You see, dartboards are categorized differently depending on the purpose. Some boards are designed for professional play while others are intended for casual and recreational needs. Professional dartboards cost more as they’re regulation-sized.

They’re also equipped with more advanced features for players that are serious about the sport. On the other hand, entry-level dartboards are less costly as most of them come with fewer features. So, if you’re buying the dartboard for your kids or casual use, then such boards are the best to consider.

  • Board Size:

Electronic dartboards are not designed for professional tournaments as bristle boards are. Since they’re not strictly regulated, the size of these boards can vary significantly. However, following an increase in their popularity, an official regulation size of electronic dartboards has been agreed which is exactly 15.5 inches.

So, if you want to get a soft tip dartboard and enjoy that feeling of legitimacy, you need to pick one with an official size of 15.5 inches. However, if the board is intended for casual use, then a smaller version with a diameter of 13.5 inches will be ideal.

  • Number of Players:

One huge advantage of using an electronic dartboard over a traditional bristle board is the ability to allow multiple players to play simultaneously. From our discussion in the review section, most of the dartboards we’ve discussed allow 8 to 16 players to compete at a time.

So, if you’re planning to have fun with your friends, family members, or your workmates, an electronic dartboard that allows 8 to 16 players to compete simultaneously will be a brilliant pick. On the other hand, if you’re practicing alone or maybe you’re buying the board for family use, then one that allows 4 to 8 multiplayer will be ideal.

You see, prioritizing this factor is important because it helps you to plan on how much you’ll be spending on a dartboard. The more players a dartboard can accommodate, the more features it has hence the higher the price.

  • Power Source:

Just as their name implies, electronic dartboards require a source of power for them to work. This can either be electric power or battery power. In our review section, we discussed three types of dartboards. The first type uses batteries, the second one uses AC power while the third one relies on both AC and DC power.

Now, if your soft-tipped dartboard is strictly intended for home use, then one that relies on AC power will be ideal. On the other hand, if you’re intending to carry your board during trips or camps, then picking a battery-powered model will be a smart move. Alternatively, if you want the best from both worlds, then picking a model that’s powered by both AC and battery power will be a brilliant move.

  • Pre-Loaded Games:

One feature that has allowed electronic dartboards to compete with bristle boards is the addition of multiple games and variations. This feature alone makes these boards the best for recreational and practice purposes. Now, if this is a factor you’re truly prioritizing on, then you have to pick a board model that offers anywhere from 30 to 50 different game modes.

At least with plenty of games to choose from, players will have fun with their friends without having any boundaries. Secondly, with so many variations to choose from, players will have a chance to customize their games to suit the number of players that are competing.

  • Sound Effects:

Although this factor isn’t a necessity, it’s one of the brilliant features that make electronic dartboards somewhat exciting. Now, the excitement of a bristle dartboard comes when you hear the thumping sound of the darts when they hit the board.

On the other hand, the satisfactory feeling of an electronic dartboard comes with the heckler feature. Although these sound effects will vary from person to person, the heckler feature makes the game more exciting by randomly scolding or praising you whenever you make great or terrible shots.

  • Ease of Installation:

Another factor that plays a key role when picking an electronic dartboard is the ease of installation. Now, some dartboards come with poor instruction manuals that make the installation process quite difficult.

So, to avoid wasting a lot of time mounting the dartboard, you need to be very keen on the mode of installation. Ensure the instruction manual is clear and don’t forget to read through the review section to see what other reviewers are saying about your specific dartboard.


The Best Soft Tip Dart Boards Reviews:

1. Arachnid Cricket Pro 300 Soft-Tip Electronic Dartboard

Arachnid Cricket Pro 300 Soft-Tip Electronic...


Product Specifications

  • Size: 13.5”
  • Weight: 2.09 pounds
  • Number of Games: 36 with 170 variations
  • Number of players: 8
  • Display: LED
  • Package Details: 6 soft tip darts, power adapter, mounting hardware, and extra tips

The Arachnid Cricket Pro 300 is the first soft tip dartboard that has grabbed the pole position in our discussion today. As a member of the Arachnid Cricket Pro Series, the Cricket Pro 300 is quite advanced meaning players will enjoy it a lot.

One of the advanced features you’re likely to find with this soft tip board is heavy-duty construction. First, Arachnid has used a NylonTough material on the target area to make it extremely resilient. They’ve also used highly responsive sensors that give accurate results when competing. Whether you’re practicing with friends or playing alone, this dartboard has the right combination of games that will keep you well entertained.

Now, most of the Arachnid dartboards are regulation sized. Unfortunately, the Cricket Pro 300 is just 13.5 inches. Although this size is quite small, serious players can use it for practice purposes to improve their aiming skills. One area this dartboard has truly thrived in is the selection of games. With 36 fun games and at least 170 variations, dart players will have a lot to enjoy regardless of their skill level.

Highlighted Features

  • Made from tough nylon to improve longevity
  • Responsive sensors improve accuracy when scoring
  • Extra-large LED for displaying the scores
  • Includes 36 games with 170 variations
  • Medium-sized 13.5 inches playing area

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2. Fat Cat Mercury Electronic Dartboard

Fat Cat Mercury Electronic Dartboard, Built In...


Product Specifications

  • Size: 13.5 inches
  • Weight: 10.85 pounds
  • Display: LCD
  • Number of Games: 28 games with 150 variations
  • Number of Players: 8
  • Package Details: 2 sets of darts, 6 spare tips, mounting hardware, and AC adapter

Coming second in our discussion is the Fat Cat Mercury Electronic Dartboard. Whether it’s playing the 01 games or different variations of the Cricket dart game, this dartboard is equipped to offer you almost everything. About its design, the Fat Cat is just impressive. The combination of the electric board, the built-in cabinet, and the integrated scoreboard has just been phenomenal.

The target area has not been left out either. To reduce bounce-outs, Fat Cat has used concave segment holes to help direct darts into the respective holes. They’ve also reduced the size of the spider to make it ultra-thin. This will not only reduce bounce-outs but will also increase the size of the target face to make scoring much easier.

When it comes to construction, the Fat Cat Mercury Electronic Dartboard is made out of thermodynamic plastic that’s surprisingly long-lasting. The size of the target area is 13.5 inches, which according to me is quite small. However, with 28 games and over 150 scoring options, this dartboard is convenient enough to offer endless action to approximately 8 players.

Highlighted Features

  • Made from thermodynamic plastic to improve longevity
  • Has ultra-thin spider to reduce bounce-outs and increase the target area
  • Large LCD interface indicates the scores
  • An integrated display on the inner door indicates the scores for the cricket dart game
  • The built-in cabinet offers an easy storage option for the electronic board

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3. WIN.MAX Electronic Soft Tip Dartboard Set with Cabinet

WIN.MAX Electronic Soft Tip Dartboard Set with...


Product Specifications

  • Number of Games: 27 games with 195 scoring options
  • Number of Players: 8
  • Display: LED
  • 5 skill levels
  • Dedicated cabinet
  • Package Details: 3 sets of darts, game manual, 40 extra tips, and an AC power adapter

With over 20 years of experience in the darts business, WIN.MAX is among the leading brands that have set huge milestones in this arena. The WIN.MAX Electronic Soft Tip Dartboard is one of the perfect examples of what this brand has been up to in recent times. Now, the Win.Max may not be the perfect dartboard in the market right now.

However, this board comes embedded in an indestructible case with loads of darts packed on the inside. The case, or rather the cabinet, serves two major roles. First, it protects the electronic board against damage, and second, it gives the board a vintage and traditional look that’s quite appealing to the eyes.

About the performance, this dartboard is equipped with 27 games and 195 scoring options. It has concave segment holes and ultra-thin spider to reduce the chances of bounce-outs when playing. The cabinet provides a wider landing zone where stray darts can land to prevent damaging the walls. The LED front display is also crisp giving you a clear view of the scores when playing.

Highlighted Features

  • Bright LED display gives a crisp and clear view of the scores
  • Offers 5 skill levels
  • Adjustable sound from 0-7
  • Ultra-thin spider provides a wider surface area and prevents bounce-outs
  • Offers 27 games with 195 variations

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4. WIN.MAX Electronic Dart Board Soft Tip Dartboard Set

WIN.MAX Electronic Dart Board Soft Tip Dartboard...


Product Specifications

  • Size: 13.8 inches
  • Weight: 3.4 pounds
  • Number of Players: 8
  • Number of Games: 21 games with 65 variations
  • Display: LCD
  • Package Details: 4 sets of darts, 24 Polypro flights, 20 rubber O-rings, flight protector, and a dart multi-use tool

The WIN.MAX Electronic Dart Board is quite similar to our previous WIN.MAX board in so many ways. The only difference is that this particular board is an entry-level model that accommodates players of all levels. Besides, this dartboard is budget-friendly meaning players across all levels can afford to buy without digging deep into their pockets.

As one of the best home soft tip dartboards, the WIN.MAX Electronic Dart Board is designed with exclusive features that make it the best for basic use. First, this board has an ultra-thin design that widens the target area to improve your chances of scoring.  Secondly, this board has a wide catch ring that provides a huge landing zone for stray darts.

To those looking to enjoy darts at an advanced level, this dartboard offers you a chance to explore between 21 exciting games with 65 variations. There’s a huge LCD at your disposal that gives you a clear view of the scores when playing. To offer fierce competition, this board comes with four sets of darts that allow up to 8 players to compete simultaneously.

Highlighted Features

  • Offers 21 exciting games with 65 variations
  • The scoring is displayed automatically on the LCD
  • Wide catch ring offers plenty of space to hold stray darts
  • Concave segment holes allow the darts to stick on the board with more precision
  • There are three volume levels

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5. Arachnid Cricket Pro 800 Electronic Dartboard

Arachnid Cricket Pro 800 Electronic Dartboard with...


Product Specifications

  • Display: LED
  • Number of Players: up to 8 players
  • Number of Games: 40 games with 179 variations
  • Size: 15.5 inches
  • Weight: 10 pounds
  • Package Details: 2 sets of darts, mounting hardware, extra tips, and games instructions

The Arachnid Cricket Pro 800 is an ultimate dartboard that’s exclusively designed for experienced players. Of all the dartboards we’ve discussed so far, this one is the only one that’s regulation-sized. Its 15.5-inch target area is regulated for tournament playmaking this board the best for serious players practicing for competitive matches.

Now, when you look at this dartboard, one factor that defines the brand’s authenticity is the combination of red, black, and yellow colors. In fact, this cool color combination is a trademark that defines Arachnid’s pursuit to offer the best to their customers.

Other than that, the Arachnid Cricket Pro 800 is equipped with 40 highly competitive games with 179 variations. There are 3 levels of hardship to select from and a heckler feature that activates the sound in case you need to make the game more interactive. The Arachnid Cricket Pro 800 is also equipped with a wide LED screen that makes the scores visible enough even when you’re at a distance.

Highlighted Features

  • Microthin segments to reduce bounce-outs
  • Nylon tough construction to prevent rapid wear
  • Three levels of play to accommodate all players
  • Wide LED screen for improved visibility
  • 5-inches of playing area

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6. Ylovetoys Dart Board Soft Tip Safety Kids Dart Board Set

Ylovetoys Dart Board Soft Tip Safety Kids Dart...


Product Specifications

  • Size: 16.4 inches
  • Material: Soft plastic material
  • Package Details: One dartboard and 9 soft tip darts

The Ylovetoys Dartboard is another entry-level board that’s perfectly suited for kids at least 7 years of age and above. Now, this dartboard doesn’t have a lot of fancy or flashy features you’ll expect to see from an advanced electronic dartboard. However, its simplicity makes it a perfect pick for young kids as it can withstand any form of abuse without being damaged.

As a kids’ dartboard, the Ylovetoys measures at least 16.5 inches. With such a huge target area, kids with different skill levels will enjoy throwing the darts and scoring more often. Besides, the target area is made from a soft rubber material that’s both strong and resilient enough to prevent rapid wear.

Since this dartboard is intended for kids, Ylovetoys have included 3 sets of silicone needle tip darts in the package. The best thing about these darts is that the tips are very soft. This makes them safe for kids, as they’re not aggressive like most steel tip darts are.

Highlighted Features

  • Can either be mounted or placed on the tabletop using built-in metal brackets
  • The large 16.4-inch target area
  • Specifically designed for kids 7 years of age and above
  • Made from a soft rubber material
  • Comes with 9 soft silicone tip darts

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7. Viper by GLD Products 777 Electronic Dartboard

Viper by GLD Products 777 Electronic Dartboard...


Product Specifications

  • Size: 15.5 inches
  • Number of players: 8
  • Number of games: 43 games with over 320 variations
  • Weight: 6 pounds
  • Display: LCD
  • Material: Nylon
  • Package Details: 6 starter darts, throw line, and a measuring tape

When it comes to electronic dartboards, there’s no one size fits all. While some players hail the beauty of most Arachnid dartboards, others are perfectly okay with the performance of most Viper products. One such example is the Viper 777 Electronic Dartboard. Now, the Viper 777 is a dartboard that has appeared in most best soft tip dart board discussions.

One reason that has made this dartboard so vocal in recent times is the exceptional balance between quality and affordability. In fact, one feature that clearly defines the quality of this dartboard is the 15.5-inch regulation-sized target area. With such a huge face, players can easily practice or play darts professionally with a sense of legitimacy.

Besides, the segment wires used are ultra-thin meaning your darts will not be compromised when playing. The segment holes are also designed with concave perforations to prevent any chances of bounce-outs. Now, the Viper 777 doesn’t just stop there. It’s equipped with 43 games and over 320 scoring options that give dart players a diversified gaming experience.

Highlighted Features

  • Large LDC display delivers a crisp and clear view of the scores
  • Stylish color scheme comprising of a clean mix of Red, Blue, White, and Black colors
  • Has a voice option that switches from English to Spanish
  • Ultra-thin spider and concave segment holes reduce chances of bounce-outs
  • Has a 15.5-inch regulation-sized target face

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8. Viper 787 Electronic Dartboard

Viper 787 Electronic Dartboard, Ultra Thin Spider...


Product Specifications

  • Size: 15.5 inches
  • Number of Players: 16
  • Number of Games: 43 and 241 variations
  • Display: LCD
  • Material: Nylon
  • Weight: 5.6 pounds
  • Package Details: 6 soft tip darts, 4AA batteries, mounting hardware, and AC adapter

The Viper 787 is quite similar to our previous Viper 777. The main reason why we added it to our list is due to its clever choice of features that allow players to play darts with friends, family members, or alone by themselves. While most dartboards in this list accommodate up to 8 players, the Viper 787 has gone a mile further to accommodate up to a record 16 players.

And since more players mean more abuse, the Viper 787 doesn’t just come soft. Instead, Viper has used a tough Nylon material on the target face to reduce the rate of wear when playing. Besides, they’ve used ultra-thin spider and concave segment holes to reduce bounce-outs for a more improved scoring experience.

This board is also cleverly redesigned to feature 43 games with 241 variations. The scoreboard display has also been improved significantly making it clearer when viewing the scores. Now, just like the Viper 777, the Viper 787 comes with a large 15.5-inch target face that’s highly recommended for professional play.

Highlighted Features

  • The target face is 15.5 inches
  • The board can be powered using 4AA batteries or the AC adapter
  • The bright LCD offers a crisp and clear view of the scores
  • It’s preprogrammed with 43 games and 241 scoring options
  • The Nylon material used makes the board exceptionally durable

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9. Viper by GLD Products 800 Regulation Size Electronic Dartboard

Viper by GLD Products 800 Regulation Size...


Product Specifications

  • Size: 15.5 inches
  • Material: Nylon
  • Number of Games: 57 games with 400 variations
  • Number of Players: 16
  • Display: LCD
  • Weight: 6 pounds
  • Package Details: 6 starter darts, 24 extra tips, throw line, AC adapter, and measuring tape

Coming late in our discussion is the Viper 800 Regulation Size Electronic Dartboard. Now, just like the rest of the Viper dartboard we’ve discussed earlier, the 800 is also designed with a regulation-sized target face that measures 15.5 inches. This makes the board the best for practice as well as for professional play.

While most electronic dartboards only accommodate up to 8 players at a time, the Viper 800 has surprisingly doubled that figure by allowing 16 players to play all at once. About its design, this dartboard is designed with a cool Red, Black, and Silver color combination that makes it extremely outstanding.

The ultra-thin spider and the concave segment holes work together to minimize chances of bounce-outs to help you score often. The LCD display is also unbeatable as it’s wide enough to make the scores visible even at a distance. Whether it’s playing the 01, Killer, Cricket, or Shanghai, this dartboard has a selection of approximately 57 games with nearly 400 variations.

Highlighted Features

  • Ultra-thin spider increases the scoring area and minimizes chances of bounce-outs
  • Offers 57 games with over 400 variations
  • The wide LCD display offers a clear view of the scores
  • The 15.5-inch target area is regulated for professional play
  • The package comes with two sets of darts and extra tips

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10. Franklin Sports Dartboard Electronic

Franklin Sports Electronic Dart Board Sets - Soft...


Product Specifications

  • Number of Games: 65 games
  • Display: LCD
  • Weight: 6 Pounds
  • Material: Polyethylene plastic
  • Package Details: 6 soft tip darts, 6 extra tips, 3-AAA batteries

Finally, yet importantly, we have the Franklin Sports Dartboard Electronic. Intended for casual players, this dartboard is a mid-table variant that offers plenty of gaming options for kids and adults alike. Although it has a non-regulated size, this dartboard offers you 65 game variations that are enough to keep you well entertained with friends and family members.

About its performance, the Franklin Sports Dartboard Electronic is equipped with a medium-sized LCD that displays the scores when playing. It also has a voice/sound feature that lets the inbuilt computer scold or praise you whenever you make a terrible or a perfect shot.

To power this dartboard, Franklin has opted to use 3-AAA batteries instead of AC power. Although you’ll need to replace the batteries often, using batteries means that you’ll enjoy hours of fun even when there’s a blackout or a power outage. This dartboard comes with 2 sets of soft tip darts and 6 additional tips for replacement.

Highlighted Features

  • A wide LCD screen for displaying the scores
  • The package comes with 6 plastic darts and 6 extra tips
  • Powered by 3 AAA batteries
  • Built-in dart storage for convenient storage of the darts
  • The voice and sound effect feature makes the game more entertaining

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Soft Tip Vs Steel Tip Dart Boards

Now that we’ve discussed the basics of soft tip dartboards, let’s now compare these boards with their traditional bristle board counterparts. So, here, we’re going to discuss the common features of each dart board to help you make an informed decision when picking your favorite board.

  • The Size:

Now, if you’re playing darts at a professional level, then the best board to consider is a bristle dartboard. The best thing about these boards is that they’re regulated making them the best for serious practicing and advanced competitions.

On the other hand, soft tip dartboards are not regulation sized. While bristle dartboards measure 18 inches in diameter, electronic boards measure anywhere from 13.5 to 15.5 inches. Although these boards can also be used in professional competitions, most professionals prefer to use them for practicing rather than for competing.

  • Construction:

Bristle dartboards are made from sisal fiber that has been bundled together. The fiber is then held tightly using a metallic ring to prevent it from chipping off. The sisal fiber used has special self-healing properties that increase the life of the board.

Soft tip dartboards, on the other hand, are made out of plastic and have tiny concave segment holes that direct the darts more precisely inside the target area. These boards are also long-lasting though their lifespan can be reduced significantly if you happen to use steel tip darts.

  • Scoring Options:

Also known as traditional boards, bristle dartboards allow players to record the scores manually on paper or a scoreboard. On the other hand, electronic boards are equipped with special computers that calculate and display the score for you via an LCD or LED screen.

  • Convenience:

Bristle dartboards are made out of compressed sisal fiber. What makes these boards the best for competitive play is that mounting them is easy and the games are much easier to play. When it comes to electronic boards, these ones will need a power supply for them to work. This alone makes these boards very expensive to maintain as there are many electronic parts you’ll have to deal with.


FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions


1. Is it Safe to Use Steel Tip Darts on an Electronic Board?

No, it’s not. Traditional steel tip darts are not designed to be used on electronic boards but rather on bristle dartboards. Since these darts have very aggressive tips, using them on the best electronic soft tip dart board will easily puncture the plastic surface causing significant damage in the process.

For that reason, soft tip darts are the only ones that are recommended to be used on electronic boards. That’s because they have soft plastic tips that improve the longevity of these boards while still making the game safe for younger players.


2. Are Soft Tip Boards Safe Enough For Kids?

Yes. In fact, the primary purpose of designing these dartboards is to offer a safer way for kids to enjoy darts without being exposed to any risks. Now, we all know how aggressive steel tip darts are. If used by kids, these darts can cause a lot of accidents due to their heavyweight and extremely sharp tips.

So, to prevent this, most brands have released an electronic version of their dartboards to make the game safe and competitive.


3. What’s the Benefit of Using an Electronic Board?

Now, unlike a bristle dartboard, an electronic dartboard cannot be used in professional tournaments. However, these boards are very important because of two major factors. One, they’re relatively cheaper as compared to traditional bristle boards.

Secondly, these dartboards offer a safer alternative when used by kids. So, if you’re looking for a dartboard for recreational purposes or to be used by your kids, then an electronic model is by far the best bet.


4. Do I Need an Internet Connection to Use an Electronic Dartboard?

No. Most electronic dartboards will allow you to compete against your friends or solo against the computer. However, if you want to compete against other professional players, there’s the option of playing online. Here, all you need to do is to connect your dartboard with your Smartphone or tablet via Bluetooth then use a special app to link with other players globally.


Final Verdict

The bristle dartboard has been the people’s choice for so many years. However, other variations have emerged in recent times one of which is the best soft tip dartboard. In our discussion, we’ve managed to list at least ten of the best electronic boards that will make a difference in your gaming experience.

Although these boards are not the best when it comes to professional play, serious darters can consider them for practice purposes or recreational use if you want to have fun with your friends or family. These dartboards can also suit young kids and most dart beginners as they offer an advanced level of safety.

With that said, in case you’ve been struggling to find a reliable dartboard that will suit all your home and family needs, this guide has offered you enough inspiration that will help you make an informed decision.

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