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The Best Steel Tip Darts in 2022 – Reviews & Buying Guide

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Darts are one of the most recognized games across the world today. It is a game that is easy for beginners to try but still takes a lot of practice to become proficient in various skills. Like any sport played, having proper equipment goes a long way. To take your dart playing to the next level, you need the best steel tip darts.

Darts come in different durable forms, bringing balance and comfort to every throw. When picking between weight and typing, darts construction gives you ultimate customization. By selecting the right shaft and barrel, you can determine a dart that flies well for you.


Best Steel Tip Darts: editor’s Top Picks


Soft Tip Versus Steel Tip Darts

Soft tip versus steel tip darts is another thing we need to discuss in this article. Soft tip darts are great for super beginners. They are not as durable, much cheaper to buy, but break a whole lot easier.

On the other hand, steel tip darts are a lot more sturdy, more expensive, but stick better in the dartboard when you play. Steel tips are used with more season dart players. If you are serious about playing more, then you need to go with steel dart tips.


Things to Consider When buying Steel Tip darts

It does not matter whether you are a professional or a beginner in the dart world. Having a buying guide of attributes that fit your lifestyle is key. When you do your shopping, it is imperative to know what are the best ways to improve your dart playing.

Of course, there are a plethora of things that separate darts from company to company. From classic designs to new-age pieces of technology, you can choose darts purely based on style. Other features to consider include accuracy, weighting, balance, and precision. Durability and sturdiness are other factors that need to be discussed accurately for the best results. Even considering materials can go a long way in the decision-making process.

So, are you are shopping for premiere darts, here are the aspects you must things about. If not, you may run into issues with faulty products or darts that are way too expensive. Starting with weight is a perfect place to start.

  • 1. Weighted Attributes

Understanding your weight options is something you should not rush. Weight is something you need to decide because it will make or break your dart playing. Depending on the weight that you choose determine stability, comfort, and speed.

For the most part, commercial darts hit between 15 and 30 grams in weight. When you have lighter darts, you can expect to have better speed, but you will lose out on stability. On the other hand, a heavier dart will be slow but have the best stability. Whatever you do, find a balance to give you a middle point that gives you quality speed and stability.

Arched shots are something else that you should consider with weight. If you have a lightweight dart, you will only get straight shots, but not arched ones. When wanting an arched shot, 20 to 24-gram darts are best in this situation.

  • 2. How Many Darts You Want

When purchasing a dart set, you need to figure out how many you want in a set. For the most part, the smallest set you can get has three darts. Unfortunately, many people just buy any old set, without looking at the number count. This can burn you if you are wanting enough for a couple of people, but only have a set for one person.

Of course, a personal set of three is ideal for one person. But, a set of six is even better for one person. Maybe at the beginning of picking darts, you might want to buy a few sets to get a sense of what you like and what you do not.

  • 3. Construct Of The Barrel

When looking at the barrel materials, there are a few options that you should consider. The barrel itself is an important one because it is the part you hold to throw against the dartboard. Think of it more like the grip for the dart.

The barrel can be created using a few materials. Tungsten is one of the most often used materials. One reason for Tungsten is because it is very high quality. Brass is also used in this process because it is cheaper. But, do not expect the same high quality as Tungsten with Brass.

The main creation of darts in the 21st Century has the barrels made from 70 to 90% Tungsten. Any of the leftover percentages usually are made from nickel. The higher the percentage of Tungsten, the better your quality of craftsmanship will be.

For the most part, though, professionals need to have barrels that are over 90% Tungsten. But, if you are a beginner, 70 to 80% is a good measuring stick for Tungsten materials. Ultimately, if you are looking to do darts down the road, get a higher percentage of Tungsten. You will thank us later.

  • 4. Shaft Selection

When it comes to the shaft of your dart, understand that you are working with the barrel and flight connected. These pieces are often made from aluminum. A coated goes on the top, most of the time, for added durability.

The shaft is the biggest piece of any dart. So, if you are not a fan of aluminum, you can also try concepts that are made from plastic and nylon. Still, you need to understand that nylon and plastic are prone to break a lot easier than shafts made from aluminum. Even though the former materials are cheaper, they will cost you at the end of the day.

Depending on the material you choose for your shaft, know that the thickness and length can affect the balance of your dart. For example, if you do go with a Tungsten barrel, you should get an aluminum shaft to boot. This will make sure you have massive durability and balance that is unparalleled in the marketplace.

  • 5. Hammerhead Points

Another important feature is whether you want moveable or fixed points with your darts. Some people get distracted by points that move, while others like the archaic tech of the past. Still, if you are looking for the least amount of movement while getting great accuracy, you need a dart with a fixed point.

Nevertheless, you need to pick this based on your preferences. Safety is key here, so divide out the pros and cons of each. This will help you decide if this appeals to you or not.

  • 6. Extra Accessories

When purchasing any set of darts, extra features can put someone over the top of finding the best product known to mankind. In many sets, you can get a variety of shafts that are weighed differently or have unique drips. It is products like this that give you ultimate customization. Also, having more shafts gives your replacements in case one of your darts ever breaks.

Having spare flights is good to have at your disposal, as well. With unique sizes and styles, you can get products that have smooth and dimpled, depending on your preferences. Ultimately, the flight can impact the way you play darts. The dimpled surfaces slow down your throw but give you better stabilization. Still, try them out for yourself for the best results.

  • 7. Picking A Price

Price should be up there as well in your decision-making. You do not have to spend an arm and a leg on darts. Anything over $100 is too much to pay for darts unless you are an absolute procession. Darts less than that are still quality, depending on the materials you use and the extras you get.

  • 8. Warranty Life

Having a warranty might be nice to have with your darts. Especially if the warranty is built-in, it is nice to not pay extra for a warranty in case your darts break. But, if you are looking for a warranty with a product, know that your darts will probably cost you a little more for the added benefit.


Top 12 Best Steel Tip Darts Reviews:

Below are the top-12 tip darts that you should consider purchasing. Any of the ideas below will bring you joy playing on your own or with others. So, without further ado, let us talk about the GLD Products Store first.

1. Viper Blitz 95% Tungsten Steel Tip Darts With Storage/Travel Case

Viper by GLD Products unisex adult Viper Blitz 95...


Whether you pick 22 gram, 24 gram, 26 gram, or 28-gram tip darts, their tungsten barrels have the slimmest of profiles. This way, you can get a tight group of shots for the best scoring with your friends and family. The barrel is knurled with rings and grooves that give great grip time after time.

With aluminum-based shafts, there are locking holes that secure the barrels to the shafts. This way, there will not be any bounce-outs. In this set, you will receive six darts and a dart case of the highest degree. Anything from Viper can be protected in a TacTech that is one of the strongest in the business. With the interior fitted perfectly, the outer shell takes a beating, while the inside stays comfortable and cozy.

The last thing you will love about these best steel tip darts is the four grip types. The four include the 5-banded Knurl, Sharkfinned, Large Knurl, and Finely Ringed. This gives any player the customization they will love.


  • Made of oxide-coated steel
  • The flights are wide glide
  • Uses 5% nickel and 95% tungsten
  • The barrels are 2-inches long
  • Amazing thickness from this company
  • Gives you greater accuracy than generic options


  • The product descriptions are not very accurate
  • The tips come loose over time

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2. IgnateGames Steel Tip Darts Set

IgnatGames Darts Metal Tip Set - Professional...


Other best steel tip darts for the money comes to use from the IgnatGames Store. These dart tips use brass steel as their main construction items. When you are done using these darts, they are easy to put away and just as simple to carry around. With the help of a magnetic closing case, this is a great gift or set for casual or beginning players.

The carrying box is designed with EVA foam at the center. This means you can protect any scratching from your precious darts. Also, since the dart tips are so sharp, you certainly do not want them to stabbing someone or something. With the help of the case, you can make sure that nothing gets damaged from your sturdy dart tips.

Something else you will love about these dart tips is the improved targeting and accuracy when playing. By playing with darts of a variety of shapes and sizes, you get to used knurled barrels that give you the best grip in the world. Also, the O-rings will not loosen during play, giving you shafts that are unbreakable and will never bounce away.

What is more, involves the control of any flight trajectory. You can bet these metal darts are a byproduct of stability and added lift. Even if you lose a flight, there are 10 spares to make things work in the right direction. A ten-year warranty is also backed onto this product.


  • Comes with a free ebook to give you a ton of ways to play
  • Comes with a discount when you buy this set
  • Use the dart sharpener if your tips start to get bland
  • Comes in 18, 22, or 26-gram sizes
  • This is a 30-piece set
  • Made in the country of China


  • Maybe some variance between shafts
  • Can get loose in the middle of the dart

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3. Bottelsen Hammer Head Steep Tip 95% Devastators Black Steel 9/32-Inch Diameter Dart

Bottelsen Hammerhead Original Hammer Head Steel...


The first thing you will notice about this quality set is the crocodile case. This case is one many people have never seen before as a dart case in their lifetime. With a Tungsten barrel and an aluminum hammer, the head spun shaft has the class O-ring design.

The product is made in the United States of America since 1976. With the help of soft tip darts, you can replace them at any time, and they will not cause issues to property or people. You can even change them around like a moveable point. In every purchase, you get a 3-dart set in the nicest of storage boxes. It comes with flights and shafts as well.


  • Amazing customer service
  • A well-balanced dart
  • Worth every penny because of value
  • Better than generic brands
  • A heavy-duty dart
  • A nice and stiff hammer feel


  • The grips can wear off over time
  • The darts can slip out of your hand

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4. CC-Exquisite Professional Dart Set

CC-Exquisite Professional Darts Set - 6 Steel Tip...


If you are looking for a dart bundle that is on a variety of best steel tip darts reviews, then you have to check out this option from the CC-Exquisite Store. With a plethora of choices, you can experiment and find the correct configuration of darts that fits into your playing style. By swapping through weights, lengths, and shapes of a flight, you have plenty of options to make your dart experience a special one.

Personal experience is what the CC-Exquisite Store wants for you. With a variety of set-up preferences, you can make your dart experience a positive one. Even if you have never played before, you have a ton of options at your disposal.

In every set, you will receive three 22-grams darts and three 18-gram darts. This allows you to have your finger placement at the front and back of the dart, depending on how you like to play. There are 12 shafts for you to try out as well, with the standard O-rings. With a stable flight path, a sharpening piece, and a multi-tool, you will have everything you need for ultimate success.

Are you looking to become more of an expert with dart playing? Well, you can with this product. Even with small setup changes, you can make things work out for all involved. By improving your versatility, a beginner to pro can use these darts with ease. Enjoy the customization!


  • Get high-quality flights each time
  • The storage case is heavy-duty
  • Amazing accuracy with this product
  • Stellar value for the money you pay
  • The grips will not allow the darts to slip out of your hand
  • A durable product lasting years upon years


  • There are small parts that a child under three can choke on
  • The tips are not replaceable

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5. Cuesoul 30/28/26 Grams Tungsten Steel Tip Darts Set

CUESOUL 30 Grams Tungsten Steel Tip Darts Set 95%...


For other soft tip darts, you need to check out the Cuesoul Store. With options from 22-gram to 30-gram varieties, there is something for everyone to love. The barrel is made of 95% Tungsten and the rings are hand-painted. The grips on the barrel are knurled to fit any hand.

With an aluminum shaft, these darts are almost unbreakable. The center weighting is also something you will love for the easiest control when you are playing. It is a product like this that people drool over.

When purchasing this kit, you will receive six shafts, three shaped flights, three traditional flights, three alloy-based flights, a sharpener, a dart case, and a multi-tool. Everything you need in one purchase.

If for some reason you do have a shaft that breaks, which is unlikely, you can replace it with any shaft you want. But, since the shafts do not spin, you can expect things not to break. You can tighten the shaft though if you start to get nervous. What is not to love about this product?


  • Comes with purely steel tips
  • Sensational accuracy with these darts
  • Ideal for people who are playing darts for the very first time
  • A great option to give as a gift if desired
  • A well-balanced dart set
  • Can vary the weights the way you want them


  • The case is below average compared to other options
  • The flights that come with purchase can be a little small

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6. Target Darts Carrera Titanium Black Steel Tip Darts

Target Darts Carrera Titanium Black Steel Tip...


Whether you are looking for 21-gram to 25-gram darts, you have found the best plastic tip darts here. This Target Darts set revolutionizes the way that people get to play this wondrous game. By combining radial and axial preciseness, you can bet that you are getting milled cuts that make these darts fly with accuracy.

The grip for these darts is another thing that sets them apart. With bi-directional usage, these darts can be held with ease by left and right-handed people. The grip shafts are not cheaper either. With the help of vision lights, you can be assured this product will last year after year.

A barrel guarantee is something else you can expect greatness from. Over the lifetime of this product, Target Darts will replace them or your money back because they believe in their product so much. Few companies can say the same thing as Target Darts.


  • Made of 90% Tungsten
  • The shaft is pure nylon
  • The shafts and flights lock together for safety
  • You can expect well-balanced darts in every purchase
  • The stems come with O-rings
  • Very affordable for anyone to buy


  • A carrying case does not come with the purchase
  • Does not come with spring tips

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7. Whimlets Steep Tip Darts Set

Whimlets Darts Metal Tip Set for Dart Board - The...


Other soft tip darts come in the form of Whimlets. The Whimlets Store is one of the premiere dart companies in the entire world. With so much to love and to see, let us get right down to business with this brand.

Though you might be paying more from Whimlets darts, they are surely worth your while. Here is why. First, the darts themselves are made of a brass composite. You can ramp up your game with 20 or 22-gram versions that are as light as a feather, but super accurate in the end.

This professional kit is one that takes people to the next level of superiority. With needlepoint darts, you can expect this product to stay in any dartboard. If you are looking for ways to have a little fun during a pandemic and quarantines, then, you need to check out this product. There is even an ebook that comes with your purchase to get the tips and tricks that pros use when playing darts.

Also, when purchasing this specific set, know that you have a 3-year warranty in case anything breaks. It is a brand like this that cares deeply about its customers. The O-rings for this product make sure that it will be hard to have these darts break down. So, if you are looking for a product that comes with a sharpener to keep your darts at their best, precisions that are aerodynamic, and more, you got to get these darts.


  • You get optimal balance and grip with these darts
  • The speed is not affected by weight for these darts
  • A great gift any time of the year
  • Give you plenty of options to play a plethora of dart games
  • The protection case is quite stylish
  • Helps you be more accurate when you play


  • Not ideal for children under the age of three
  • Not for professional players

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8. Harrows Wolfram Dart Set

Harrows Wolfram Dart Set, 22gm


Harrows Dart Technology might not be the most known around the darting world, but they do make some quality dart flights. One thing that sets Harrows apart from others is the fact that their product is made of 97% Tungsten when most competitors are 95% or less. Why does this matter? Well, the more Tungsten in the metal means more strength and a product that will continue to shine, as you play darts more and more.

With this specific purchase, you can expect three tip darts that are comprised of steel. Additionally, the flights and shafts are one in a million, in terms of quality. Another thing that might surprise you about Harrows is they are not made in the United States of America or China, which are the prime places that darts are made in this review. Harrows Darts are made in Wales, which makes these darts all the more exciting to purchase for yourself.

Tungsten, or Wolfram if using the technical name, is a high-pressure metal that is hard to break or break down over time. The molding process that Harrows uses creates a distribution of weight that is second to none. How cool is that!


  • These tips can be replaced if you would like
  • Expect excellent accuracy from these darts
  • Very slim design
  • Made of the highest quality
  • The best balance can be found at the mid-barrel
  • You can control the spin with these darts


  • Need a tool to replace the tips on these darts
  • The shaft plastic cover can chip over time

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9. KO Steel Tip Darts

KO Steel Tip Darts, 24 Gram 90% Tungsten Darts...


Still, looking for some of the best professional darts on the market? Well, you need to check out K.O. Dart, too. With ideal grip grooving, these darts are at the top of any review.

Start with their consistency throw after throw. It can be hard for some darts to have a weight distribution that breeds accuracy. For this brand, you get what you pay for, which is superiority. No matter if you are a pub player, a professional, or someone who likes to play in their basement, you are going to love these darts. This is the kind of input you should expect, no matter your experience.

This dart set has a weight tolerance of 0.05 in either direction, giving you a balance that few brands can compete with. If you are not completely satisfied with your purchase, then send the darts back in 30-days. This way, you can buy other darts that you truly love. But, expect that you will love these darts in the end.

Lastly, know that these 24-gram darts have a steel tip, are made of pure Tungsten, and come with a hard plastic case that will not break when you drop it. It is a product like this that makes other brands look like trash. Expect only the best from K.O. Darts.


  • Improved accuracy with these darts
  • Great product to use as a gift
  • Unparalleled balance
  • Stellar customer service
  • The product is long-lasting
  • Perfect for beginners playing darts for the first time


  • Can not replace the steel tips with soft tips
  • Have to use O-rings with nylon or plastic shafts only

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10. Pegasus Tungsten Steel Darts Set

RED DRAGON Pegasus Tungsten Steel Darts Set - 24...


With gram weighs from 21 to 30, there is a dart set here for you from the Red Dragon Store. In each set of three, the darts are made from 80% Tungsten. The stems, flights, and bar wallets are all made from Red Dragon’s collection, which is a sight to see.

The flight colors are something you can look forward to as well. With white and black and your disposal, you can bet that you are going to get some nice-looking darts. If you need replacement shafts, for customization’s sake, you can buy an option that you like. You will never have to buy a new shaft because it breaks. Tungsten will not break on you.

As some of the best steel tip darts, you can expect the greatest value of this product. The plastic cover may chip over time, but never the shaft itself. This is a product that you can expect to last for years to come.


  • Great for a beginner to a professional dart player
  • You will love the smoothness as you play
  • Comes with closing springs
  • Perfect for a bar, basement, or professional setting
  • The grips are serrated
  • The packaging is quite classy


  • Has limited custom options on flights
  • Does not have a heavy-duty case

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11. Fat Cat Predator 80% Tungsten Steel Tip Darts with Storage/Travel Case

Fat Cat Predator 80% Tungsten Steel Tip Darts with...


The 23-gram tip darts are a sight to see from the GLD Products Store. Made of 80% Tungsten and 20% Nickel, these darts are super heavy-duty at their finest. The slim profile is something to marvel at as well. Add in some knurled bands, and the deepest of grooves, and you can bet you will have a comfortable hand placement every time you use these darts.

The aluminum shafts are rare because of the diamond cut within its design. It is not every day that you get a diamond cut in a set of darts. The darts have to lock holes as well which allows for great stability and fewer times to retighten.

With this set, you can expect a few things. First, the nylon shaft is quite sturdy. The flight protectors and flights come with a mechanical wrench to customize your darts the way you want. Also, with every set, know that you get a quality case that includes a cloth for cleaning and an outer shell that will not break if you drop the set.


  • The knurl is double-banded
  • The flights have cool designs on them
  • This grip is engineered to perfection
  • Made in the state of Wisconsin in the United States of America
  • Perfect for any level of player
  • The sheerness is quite splendid


  • Do not come with soft tips
  • The tips are not removable

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12. Wolftop 12-Pack Steel Tip Darts

Wolftop 12 Pack Steel Tip Darts 23 Grams,...


The last best professional soft tip darts on our list come to use from the Wolftop Store. Made with aluminum shafts that will bend and never break, you can expect greatness in every throw from this product. You can expect these shafts to be load better than PVC rods.

With the help of locking holes, you get the best leverage from a product like this. If you want, you can tighten the shaft as hard as you want, to give you the best accuracy in town when you throw. The black-coating on the barrels is a sight to see as well. This gives a streamlined design that few can match in the industry.

We all want darts that do not slip out of our hands. That will not be a problem with these darts. At 23-grams, the entire 12-pack is distributed the same, allowing you to have fair fun with whoever you play darts with. With every purchase, you will receive four different style flights to customize your experience. There is even a dart sharpener to make sure your darts stick to any dartboard. Do not forget the O-rings, too. They make sure your darts never come apart for safety reasons.


  • Comes with a 100% guarantee or your money back
  • Perfect as a gift for any level of player
  • Amazing packaging upon delivery
  • Extreme durability that will last and last
  • A sweet value that you should expect from this company
  • The flights will never come off


  • The darts can bend over time
  • May need to tighten the shafts down the road

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How to Throw Darts

When playing darts, it is important to understand how to throw your dart appropriately. Holding a dart is one of the biggest keys to the process at hand. For novice players, think of holding a dart like you do a pencil. By keeping the grip up the barrel, you can use two, three, or four fingers. Three fingers might be a good middle ground because you can still have a relaxed, but firm grip. Holding your barrel forward or towards the back is a preferred thing.

As you throw your dart for the first time, line up behind the line, follow-through, and let them rip. When you keep your eye on the prize, you will have a positive experience. Enjoy the process!


How to Sharpen Steel Tip Darts

Dart tips should always be taken care of. If you neglect your precious tips, you will have bad performances and they may even break on you. This is why you need to sharpen the tips. Think of it this way. Artists do not use dull pencils. They sharpen it. Dart players should not use dull darts. They need to sharpen them as well.

When sharpening your dart, make sure to use a sharpening tool and nothing else. Many dart sets come with a sharpening tool for the best results. As you sharpen your dark, be sure that the tip is pointed, yet rounded at the very end. Sharpening your dart needs to not have burrs, but not be too point or blunt either. It is kind of a delicate process.

Ultimately, whatever darts you decide to buy, know the sharpening process is needed whether your darts were cheap or expensive. Just because you spend more money does not mean you will get away without sharpening your darts. It might seem a little daunting at first, but anyone can make their darts into a whole new product.


FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions

Before we wrap up this article, it is important to talk about the top questions that people have with darts. We have gathered the top questions that are asked in the 21st Century. This way, you can have peace of mind when you make the final call on what to buy dart-wise.

Q1: What happens if I sharpen my dart tips too pointy?

If you sharpen your dart tips too much or think you have, the first thing you need to do is run your finger over the tip. If your tip is a needle, you have sharpened your dart way too much. People may think a super shart dart is best, but this could not be further from the truth.

Extra sharp dart tips will have more bounce-outs than dull tips. By making knicks in the metal, you will have more and more issues when you play. If you need to unsharpen your dart tip, get your tool out, and work to round your tip more than make it an extra point. It is similar to oversharpening a pencil. If you do, the lead will break easier. The same can be said with a point dart tip.

Q2: What is the best way to sharpen a dart tip?

When using a sharpening stone or tool, round the point to allow it to stick into the fibers of your dartboard. When things are sharpened appropriately, no wires will be damaged on your dartboard and neither with the dart tips.

Q3: Why should I get an aluminum shaft instead of a plastic variety?

Aluminum shafts are more durable and rigid compared to their plastic counterpart. Also, aluminum will not bend as easily and will last a lot longer than any plastic could ever dream of.

Q4: What is the best training weight for darts?

If you are using plastic or soft tips, 18-grams is an ideal weight. On the other hand, steel tip darts are best between 22 and 24-grams.

Q5: What are the best dart games to play?

Some of the best dart games include Cricket, 301/501, Round The World, Killer, and Shanghai. These games can truly keep you busy for hours.

Q6: What are the best grips for darts?

Many of the grips in this review are knurled. However, smooth grips, ringed-grip, and shark fin all have their place in the dart world, as well.

Q7: Should I dip my dart tips in a potato?

Some pros use this technique because the oils stick to the dart, so they stick in the board better. If you are having trouble with your tips staying on the board, try sharpening first. Then, go the potato route.


Final Verdict

Now that you know what are the best steel tip darts, it is time for you to go out into the world and find the right ones for you. You have gone through all the products, the buyer’s guide, FAQs, and more to help you on your journey. By sitting back and enjoying the purchasing ride, you will experience the joy and excitement of buying darts that are all your own.

This way, when all the purchasing is done, then you can enjoy darts with your friend and family. And is that not what it is all about. There is nothing better than enjoying the many games darts can offer you. With friendly competition and fun for all ages, darts are one of the best games of all time. Enjoy it today!

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