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The Best Yoyo for Kids in 2022 – Reviews & Buying Guide

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If you or your kids grew up in the 80s, then you’re aware of the yoyo. As one of the oldest toys ever known, the yoyo has yet again resurfaced in the 21st century with more sophisticated features that are a result of the evolution in technology. With the best yoyo at your disposal, your kids will have an experience that’s both fun and rewarding.

Although yoyos don’t rely on computer chips as most toys do, they offer several learning benefits to kids that are much better than spending time on TVs and computer games. Yoyos help kids to improve various motor skills such as hand-eye coordination. They also improve your kids’ problem-solving skills while still teaching them patience and techniques.

But, despite their infinite benefits, choosing the best yoyos that will suit your kids’ level of play can be quite hard. For that reason, this guide has gathered at least a dozen yoyos that will suit your kids depending on whether they’re skilled or in the entry-level stage.



Best Yoyo: Editor’s Top Picks


Top 12 Best Yoyo Reviews:


1. Yoyo King Ghost Bi-Metal Professional Trick Yoyo

Yoyo King Ghost Bi Metal Aluminum and Steel...


Product Specifications

  • Material: Aluminum & Stainless Steel
  • Color: Silver
  • Weight: 0.15 Pounds

To start our discussion, we’re going to look at the Yoyo King Ghost. Now, unlike most entry-level yoyos, the Yoyo King Ghost is designed to eliminate any frustrations when learning the basics thanks to its improved features. First and foremost, this yoyo is constructed from a bi-metal, which is a combination of aluminum and stainless steel.

Now, the use of two high-standard metals has several benefits to this yoyo. First, they increase the strength of this yoyo, and two, they provide the needed reinforcement against rust and wear. Besides, combining steel and aluminum on the halves and the outer rings gives this yoyo additional weight that allows it to perform various tricks.

The Yoyo King Ghost doesn’t stop there. It comes with two bearings that include a wide unresponsive bearing and a narrow traditional responsive bearing. The package also includes a wide-angled C bearing that suits nonresponsive play. As one of the best yoyo for tricks, the Yoyo King Ghost is an exclusive pick for both beginners and advanced players.

Highlighted Features

  • Made from a combination of aluminum and steel for added strength
  • Different C bearings provide both responsive and unresponsive play
  • The wide-angled C bearing allows you to perform binding tricks when playing
  • Best for kids 3-years and up
  • Polished in a beautiful silver color

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2. MAGICYOYO Professional Responsive Yoyo V3

MAGICYOYO Professional Yoyo Responsive Yoyo V3,...


Product Specifications

  • Color: Black
  • Material: Aluminum
  • Recommended Age: 8-Years and Up

If you’re searching for a more advanced yoyo that suits both beginner and professional levels of play, then the MAGICYOYO V3 is the best option. Recommended for kids 8-years and up, the V3 leans more on the professional side thanks to its advanced design and tons of extras. Speaking of the extras, this yoyo comes with two bearings, a removal tool, 5 replacement strings, an axle, and a carry bag for storing the extra accessories.

About the construction, the MAGICYOYO V3 is made from a high-grade aluminum 6061 metal that makes it strong and amazingly light. The aluminum used also offers the needed balance between the two halves while increasing the speed of the yoyo when spinning.

The MAGICYOYO V3 comes with two interchangeable bearings that include the narrow C sized and the 8 ball KK bearings. By switching the bearings, you automatically switch from responsive to unresponsive play giving you multiple options to enjoy your game. This yoyo has a gap width of just 2.75mm, a width of 38.5mm, and a diameter of 55mm.

Highlighted Features

  • Comes with 5 polyester strings with a length of 43.31 inches
  • Easy to switch the bearings by using the bearing removal tool
  • Coated with a smooth sandblasting finish to prevent fading and scratches
  • The package includes a carry bag to keep your essentials safe
  • Come with two bearings for responsive and unresponsive play

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3. Yomega Fireball -HIGH-Performance YOYO

Yomega Fireball -HIGH Performance YOYOS Responsive...


Product Specifications

  • Material: Plastic
  • Color: Black & Gold
  • Weight: 52 grams

If you’re looking for a yoyo that can be presented as a gift to your kids, friends, or family members, then Yomega Fireball-High Performance Yoyo is the best pick. Unlike some of the yoyos we’ve discussed here, the Yomega Fireball is not just an ordinary yoyo. In fact, this yoyo has gathered fame in recent times due to several factors.

One of those is the modular design that allows you to unscrew both halves with less hassle. The second one is the addition of a transaxle, which is a plastic sleeve that rests over the main axle to allow longer smooth spins with less friction. In fact, the transaxle serves as a huge advantage when performing various tricks such as “Walking the dog” and “Going around the world”.

Now, the Yomega Fireball-High Performance Yoyo is an example of a responsive yoyo. This alone makes it a perfect choice for intermediate players looking to learn various string tricks. The halves are easy to open for easy lubrication and easy entangling of the string. Constructed from durable polycarbonate, this best yoyo for beginners is a smart pick for both kids and intermediate players.

Highlighted Features

  • This yoyo weighs 52 grams and has a width of 34.9 mm and a diameter of 58.4 mm
  • Comes with a wide range of color options to pick from
  • Made from durable polycarbonate for added strength
  • The package includes 2 yoyo strings to switch from
  • Backed by a 3-months warranty

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4. Duncan Toys Reflex Auto Return Yo-Yo

Duncan Toys Reflex Auto Return Yo-Yo, Beginner...


Product Specifications

  • Recommended Age: 6-Years and Up
  • Material: Plastic
  • Color: Blue

The Duncan Auto Return Yoyo is specifically designed for beginners that are looking to learn new tricks. This specific yoyo has its own classification of an “auto-return yoyo” that is far different from the common responsive and unresponsive yoyos. Now, one of the factors that have allowed this best Duncan yoyo to appear in this list is the unique auto-return classification.

This feature allows this yoyo to snap back to your hand automatically when it slows down. This makes it easier to learn new tricks, making it the best for beginners and kids. Now, how does the auto-return feature work? Well, here, Duncan has used a centrifugal clutch at the center of the yoyo. Once the yoyo slows down, the centrifugal clutch engages the axle to allow the yoyo to snap back to your hands.

Other than the centrifugal feature, the Duncan Auto Return Yoyo has a couple of other interesting features. One of those is the easy take-apart design that lets you twist the halves in opposite directions. Other features include a lightweight of just 47.2 grams and a blend of cool colors to choose from.

Highlighted Features

  • Wide range of colors to choose from
  • Easy to take apart when reassembling or removing a knot
  • The centrifugal clutch allows easy auto-return of the yoyo
  • Perfect for beginners and kids aged 6-years and up
  • Weighs 47.2 grams

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5. Yoyo King Watcher Metal Professional Yoyo

Yoyo King Watcher Metal Professional Yoyo with...


Product Specifications

  • Material: Aluminum Alloy 6061
  • Color: Volcano
  • Weight: 65 grams

If you’re looking for the best yoyo for sleeping that combines responsive, unresponsive, and nonresponsive binding tricks into one package, then the Yoyo King Watcher is the best candidate. With its red, black, and orange volcanic colors, this yoyo is an ideal pick for all skill levels.

When it comes to the construction, Yoyo King has used aircraft-grade 6061 aluminum on the halves to improve the strength of this yoyo and lower the chances of corrosion. Besides, the aluminum alloy used increases the weight of this yoyo to give you more control of the yoyo when implementing your favorite tricks.

So, whether it’s “Split the atom”, Trapeze, or “Double or Nothing”, this yoyo will allow you to perform all the tricks without struggling. But other than the construction, Yoyo King has added two bearings to the package that include the wide-angled and the narrow flat C bearings. With these bearings, you can easily enjoy responsive, unresponsive, and nonresponsive play depending on your skill level.

Highlighted Features

  • Has a weight of 65 grams, a width of 39.4mm, and a diameter of 55.9mm
  • Made from aircraft-grade aluminum metal
  • Perfect for kids, novices, intermediaries, and experts
  • Comes with different bearings for responsive, unresponsive, and nonresponsive play
  • Easy to remove the halves by twisting

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6. FETESNICE Aluminum Fancy Yoyo

FETESNICE Aluminum Metal Yoyo, Unresponsive Yo Yo...


Product Specifications

  • Material: Aluminum 6061 Alloy
  • Weight: 66 grams
  • Warranty: 12-Months

The FETESNICE Aluminum Fancy Yoyo is an excellent pick if you’re looking for a yoyo that will help your kids sharpen their motor skills. So, whether it’s improving their concentration, hand-eye coordination, or simply a stress-relieving toy, this yoyo has everything you need. Now, this yoyo is specifically an unresponsive yoyo ball.

This alone makes it ideal for intermediaries and professionals. However, this yoyo can still be used by kids for practice purposes when learning various yoyo skills such as Single-A, Double-A, Triple-A, Offstring, and Counterweight. FETESNICE doesn’t just stop there. They’ve used a durable aluminum 6061 alloy in the construction to ensure that this yoyo stands the test of time.

About the design, FETESNICE has used a double-color anodizing that involves splashing a blue color on top of the black finish to make the yoyo resistant to fading and scratching. The package itself includes two switchable bearings that include the stainless steel and the gold-plated 10-ball U-shaped KK bearings.

Highlighted Features

  • The package includes a pair of gloves, a carry bag, and an extra U-shaped bearing
  • Available in a blend of black and blue colors
  • Made from quality aluminum for added strength
  • The surface is fade and scratch-resistant
  • Backed by a 12-months warranty

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7. Big Time Toys YoYo Ball Party Pack of 5

YoYo Ball Party Pack of 5, As seen on TV, Assorted...


Product Specifications

  • Material: Plastic
  • Recommended Age: 3-Years and Up

The Big Time Toys Yoyo doesn’t come as a single yoyo but rather as a pack consisting of 5 yoyos. With a diameter of 2 ¼ inches, these yoyos are quite small making them ideal for grownups and kids aged 3-years and up. Children below the age of 3-years are strictly prohibited from interacting with these yoyos as they can cause choking hazards.

But despite that, these yoyos have a perfect size that allows them to be tossed inside gift bags in case you need to present them as birthday gifts. When it comes to gaming, the Big Time Toys Yoyos are excellent responsive yoyos that return to your hand after engaging. This feature allows you to learn and master new tricks when playing.

In fact, it allows kids to develop various motor skills such as concentration and proper hand-eye coordination. In addition to that, this best responsive yoyo comes in an assortment of colors and patterns that make it an excellent pick for both boys and girls.

Highlighted Features

  • Comes in cool colors and patterns
  • The yoyos are responsive making them easier to play
  • Perfect for toddlers and young adults
  • Can be used as birthday gifts for both boys and girls
  • Made from durable plastic

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8. MAGICYOYO Responsive YoYo K1-Plus

MAGICYOYO Responsive YoYo K1-Plus for Kids...


Product Specifications

  • Color: Blue
  • Material: ABS Plastic
  • Weight: 65 grams

The MAGICYOYO Responsive KI-Plus is an excellent pick for kids and novices who are in their infancy when it comes to playing yoyo. This yoyo is among the few yoyos that combine cost-effectiveness with performance. If you’re a beginner, this yoyo can really help you to advance your skills. In the case of kids, this yoyo can elevate your kids’ motor skills such as hand-eye coordination.

To those that enjoy entertaining people in amusement parks, the MAGICYOYO K1-Plus can be used for acrobatic performances. Now, one factor that makes this yoyo the easiest to spin is the responsive feature. Here, this yoyo will spin and eventually get back to your hand with just a simple tug. Since this is a skill in itself, you won’t bother learning it. Instead, you’ll proceed to learn other string tricks such as 1A, 3A, and 5A.

About the design and construction, the MAGICYOYO K1-Plus is made from ABS plastic that’s hard and durable. It’s equipped with a flat slim bearing that’s ideal for responsive play. Although this specific model is blue, buyers will have a chance to pick between two more colors that are green and crystal blue. Besides, the package comes with several gifts that include a glove, 5 colored strings, and a yoyo bag.

Highlighted Features

  • Has a weight of 65 grams, a width of 41.01mm, and a diameter of 51.03mm
  • Perfect for learning 1A, 3A, and 5A string tricks
  • The package comes with a glove, a yoyo bag, and 5 polyester strings
  • Comes with an additional side shaft to make it more attractive
  • The slim flat bearing improves the speed of the yoyo when launched

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9. Yoyo King Merlin Pro Yoyo

Yoyo King Merlin Pro Yoyo with Ball Bearing Axle...


Product Specifications

  • Material: Plastic
  • Color: Black
  • Weight: 61 grams

From novices, intermediates to professionals, the Yoyo King Merlin is a responsive yoyo that lets you perform stunning string tricks such as the Double or Nothing, Trapeze, Braintwister, and Split the Atom. Most beginners prefer this yoyo for its stability, balance, and long spin time. Perhaps one of the factors that give this yoyo the optimized advantage is the heavy external edges.

This is all thanks to the durable ABS plastic used in the construction. But other than that, this best yoyo has a ball-bearing axle and a silicone responsive system that add to the spinning advantage. It has a narrow C bearing that ensures the yoyo gets back to your hand without performing complex string tricks.

To those that are looking to take the fun to another level, there’s the option of removing the narrow C bearing and replacing it with a wide C bearing. This converts the Yoyo King Merlin from a responsive to a non-responsive yoyo in just a matter of seconds. Finally, yet importantly, the Yoyo King Merlin bears the Merlin signature on one side and the Yoyo King imprint on the other making it an authentic purchase.

Highlighted Features

  • Comes in different color options
  • Comes with extra strings and extra response pads
  • Made from durable plastic material
  • Easy to switch from narrow to wide C bearings
  • Has a width of 38.11mm and a diameter of 54.3mm

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10. Yomega 3 Legendary Yoyo with A Brain

Yomega 3 Legendary Spinners The Original Yoyo with...


Product Specifications

  • Weight: 52g for Brain, 59g for Fireball & 62g for Spectrum
  • Material: Polycarbonate
  • Color: Blue, Red & Clear

Next in our discussion is the Yomega 3 Legendary Yoyo Pack. Now, if you’re desperately in need of a yoyo that will take the frustration out of your kids when learning the basics, then this is the perfect choice for you. Unlike most of the yoyos we’ve already listed, this one comes as a pack consisting of 3 yoyos. So, here, your kids will have the chance to meet the Brain, the Fireball Transaxle, and the Spectrum yoyos.

Now, each yoyo in this pack contains different instincts. For instance, the Brain yoyo is designed with intelligence that reminds it to return to your hands after spinning. The Fireball and the Spectrum, on the other hand, are equipped with transaxle technology that allows them to spin for a longer time. During the long “sleep”, players can execute multiple string tricks before snapping their wrists to pull the yoyo back to their hands.

But, that’s not all. The Yomega 3 Legendary Yoyo Pack contains 5 extra strings in the package. Each yoyo is color-coded for easy identity such as Blue for Brain, Red for Fireball, and Clear for Spectrum. Besides, each yoyo has its own specific multi-colored LEDs that engage when the yoyo spins.

Highlighted Features

  • The package includes 3 yoyos and 5 strings
  • Comes with multi-colored LEDs that engage when spinning
  • The transaxles increase the speed of the yoyos when spinning
  • Automatically returns to your hands when the speed slows down
  • Best for beginners and intermediate players

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11. MAGICYOYO Responsive Yoyo V3

MAGICYOYO V3 Responsive Yoyo for Beginner, Metal...


Product Specifications

  • Weight: 64.9 grams
  • Material: Aluminum Alloy 6061
  • Color: Black with splashes of Blue and Pink

Appearing quite late in our discussion is the MAGICYOYO V3. Designed with a responsive instinct, this yoyo is an entry-level option that suits beginners, novices, and kids. Capable of returning to your hands after spinning, this yoyo allows you to implement several string tricks such as the 1A, 3A, and 5A string styles.

Now, as an entry-level yoyo, MAGICYOYO has decided to use a premium material such as aluminum 6061 to prevent premature wear and damage. Besides, the aluminum metal used adds some weight on the edges to provide balance while allowing the yoyo to spin for a longer time. But, despite its responsive instincts, MAGICYOYO has added a second 8 ball KK bearing to transform this yoyo from responsive to unresponsive.

With such dynamics, the MAGICYOYO V3 can serve as an entry-level yoyo and at the same time, function as the best professional yoyo. About the design, this yoyo has a black color with splashes of blue and pink. It weighs 64.9 grams and has a width of 38.5mm and a diameter of 55mm. About the package, the MAGICYOYO V3 doesn’t come alone. The package comes with a long axle, 2 bearings, 5 strings of different colors, a bag, and a ball bearing removal tool.

Highlighted Features

  • Recommended for kids 8-years and above
  • Comes with 5 strings each with a length of 43.31 inches
  • Includes two bearings for responsive and unresponsive play
  • The package includes a bag to ease storage
  • Suits both beginners and professionals

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12. Yomega – Brain

Yomega The Original Brain - Professional Yoyo for...


Product Specifications

  • Weight: 54 grams
  • Material: Steel, Plastic & Cotton
  • Color: Blue

Claiming the remaining position is the Yomega Brain. Now, earlier on, we discussed the Yomega 3 Legendary Yoyo Pack that contained 3 different yoyos in one pack. This time around, we’re going to discuss one of the yoyos in the previous pack, which is the Yomega Brain. Now, this yoyo is available in blue though there’s the option of choosing other cool colors depending on your demands.

This yoyo is ideal for responsive play meaning it’s a perfect pick for beginners and kids. It has a centrifugal clutch that engages automatically when the yoyo slows down. As a result, the yoyo automatically returns to your hand. This piece of technology allows kids and beginners to practice various string tricks making the game much easier to master and more enjoyable.

So, whether you’re looking for a stress reliever or just a toy that will help polish your kids’ motor skills, the Yomega Brain is the best option you’ve got. But, other than that, the Yomega Brain weighs 54 grams and has a width of 35.7mm and a diameter of 58.7mm. It has a user manual for reference and is backed by a 3-months warranty in case of any damage.

Highlighted Features

  • Various colors to pick from
  • Made from a combination of steel and plastic
  • Has a centrifugal clutch that allows the yoyo to return to your hand
  • Allows you to master various string tricks
  • Backed by a 3-months warranty

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Things to Consider When Choosing the Best Yoyo


With an overwhelming choice of yoyos in the market, picking a perfect yoyo can be quite hard. For that reason, we’ve listed at least 12 good yoyos that will suit your level of play. Unfortunately, our list isn’t enough to give you exactly what you need.

For that reason, we’ve added an insightful buyer’s guide section where we’ve discussed some of the factors you can consider when choosing a yoyo.


The first factor you need to consider when choosing a yoyo is the material. Thankfully, most yoyos are made primarily from any of the three materials that include plastic, wood, and aluminum. Wood, on its part, is considered the original material that was formerly used to make yoyos.

Plastic, on the other hand, is a newer material that’s currently used to make yoyos. Lastly, there’s aluminum alloy, which, like plastic, is gaining popularity in manufacturing yoyos.

  1. Plastic: Now, plastic is an inexpensive material that can be machined to produce yoyos of different shapes and sizes. It’s also tough and capable of producing yoyos with different color codes. For these reasons, plastic is an excellent choice if you’re buying yoyos for kids.
  2. Aluminum: Aluminum, on the other hand, is a metal meaning yoyos made from this material are strong and very tough. Since the yoyos are designed for kids, aluminum protects the yoyos from impact in case your kids bang them on walls. Also, aluminum adds a bit of weight to the yoyos allowing them to spin longer.
  3. Wood: Although wood is the original material for making yoyos, it’s not an ideal choice if you’re buying the yoyos for kids. That’s because wood is fragile and can break easily if put to extreme abuse. However, if the yoyos are meant for professional use, then wood can be a perfect pick.


The second parameter you must consider when choosing the best yoyo in the world is shaped. Currently, there are three basic shapes of yoyos that are used worldwide. They are imperial, butterfly, and modified shapes.

  1. Imperial Shape: The imperial shape is the least used in the world today. This shape has a flat inner wall that makes it impossible to implement various string tricks. If your yoyo has an imperial shape, then you only use it for basic tricks and learning purposes.
  2. Butterfly Shape: Also known as the flared-gap shape, the butterfly shape is one of the common shapes that dominate the world today. This shape creates a V-shaped space between the halves that gives you more clearance to perform complex tricks.
  3. Modified Shape: Lastly, we have the modified shape. Now, this shape of yoyo has been around for quite a long time. The shape consists of two halves with slightly curved edges on the inner and outer walls. The modified shape was introduced to merge the benefits of both the imperial and the butterfly shapes. With this shape, you can perform multiple string tricks and enjoy a lot of fun.


Next, we have the axle. The axle is the point where both halves of the yoyo bind. The space that’s created when the two halves bind is where you tie the string when playing. Now, axles come in different types depending on the type of yoyo you’re getting.

  1. Fixed Axle: The fixed axle is the earliest type of axle used and was made of wood. Today, most fixed axles are made of metal to boost longevity. These types of axles are commonly used on budget yoyos as they have a very low spinning time.
  2. Transaxle: With this type of yoyo, a sleeve is added to the fixed axle to reduce friction when spinning. This creates a longer spinning time giving you ample time to implement some string tricks.
  3. Ball Bearing Axle: Just as the name suggests, ball-bearing axles use a bearing on the fixed axle instead of a sleeve. This technique reduced friction completely allowing the yoyo to spin for a much longer time.
  4. Clutch Axle: The clutch axle is a technique that was popularized by Yomega. This technique consists of a clutch axle that uses centrifugal force to return the yoyo back to your hand. When spinning, the clutch remains open. However, when the speed of the yoyo reduces, the clutch closes and grabs the axle to make the yoyo return to your hand.
  5. Nonresponsive Ball Bearing Axle: Lastly, we have the nonresponsive ball-bearing axle. With this type of axle, the yoyo doesn’t “wake up” when the speed reduces. So, to make it return to your hand, you have to perform a special string trick called a “bind”. Other than that, this type of axle allows you to perform many string tricks that aren’t possible when using a traditional axle.


Our final parameter that must be considered when choosing a yoyo is the cost. In the review section, we’ve seen some of the best yoyo brands and the type of products they’ve offered their customers. Some of the yoyos are budget while others are quite expensive. So, when making your final decision, you need to consider the cost to determine whether it falls within your budget.


Frequently Asked Questions About Yoyo


Q1. Which Type of String Should I Pick for My Yoyo?

Although we’ve not focused a lot on the string, the type of string you choose for your yoyo can have a huge impact on how you play. Generally, yoyo strings are classified as Type 6 and Type 8. Each type signifies the number of threads on the string. In most cases, the type 8 string is the best to consider, as it’s thicker hence stronger.

Another factor to consider is the type of material used on the string. The most common types of materials used are polyester, cotton, or a blend. Cotton on its part is easier to hold but it’s not as strong as polyester. So, to get the best deal, it’s recommended that you get a blend. That said, the best type of string to consider is a blended type 8 string.


Q2. Which is the Appropriate Age for Kids to Use Yoyos?

If you’re looking to surprise your kid with one of the best yoyo for beginners, it’s highly recommended that you wait until your kid is around 3 years. According to experts, 3 years is considered the time when kids begin to develop fine motor skills.

At the age of 3 years, the yoyo is one among the many toys that can be used to improve your kid’s motor skills such as concentration, patience, rational thinking, and hand-eye coordination. Also, kids at the age of 3 years and up are considered mature enough to handle yoyos. Such kids can’t suffer from choking hazards as infants would.


Q3. Are Metal Yoyos Better than Plastic Yoyos?

Well, it all depends on your level of play. In the case of kids, plastic yoyos are the best as they’re light and come in a wide range of colors. If you’re a serious yoyo player, a metallic yoyo is the best to consider as it’s heavy and easy to control.


Q4. Does the Axle matter When it Comes to Yoyos?

Yes, it does. Earlier on, we discussed the various types of axles. We mentioned the traditional fixed axle, which we said is slower due to the high friction between the string and the axle. The transaxle, the ball bearing axle, and the clutch axle are some of the best to consider as they have a higher spinning efficiency due to reduced friction.

So, if you’re looking to enjoy playing with your yoyo, it’s recommended that you pick the transaxle, ball bearing, or clutch axle.


Q5. Should I Get a Responsive or an Unresponsive Yoyo?

Well, this will depend on your skill level. If you’re just a beginner, then it’s recommended that you get the best responsive yoyo. The best thing about these yoyos is that they let you apply a simple tag to get the yoyo back to your hand.

If you’re a professional yoyo player, an unresponsive yoyo is the best to consider. This type of yoyo adds an extra level of difficulty to your game that involves performing a trick called “bind” to get the yoyo back to your hand. In the case of kids, you can consider getting an auto-return yoyo that automatically gets back to your hand without applying any string tricks.


Final Verdict


We’ve now come to the end of our discussion. If you’ve read up to this point, then you’re well aware of the best yoyo in the market. In this guide, we’ve listed 12 of the best yoyos in the market. We’ve also discussed some key parameters to consider when buying yoyos and we’ve also answered some pressing questions you might have regarding yoyos.

That said, whether you’re playing yoyo for relieving stress, as a hobby, for practice, or for professional play, this insightful guide has shared all the information you might need regarding yoyos.

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