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Strongest Beyblade Characters

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Beyblades are one of those old family games that never seem to grow old with time, as does the series. Whether you are a Beyblade fan or not, the game and its anime series characters seem to always get a way of getting you into the fold. Each character has a strong will to stay in the fight longer and keep winning battles, although, like any other fight, some people are just stronger than others. That is why before you choose your favorite character and their best blade for your Beyblade stadium, you need to understand their victory stories. That is why we have compiled the strongest Beyblade characters ever.

Our review is not only based on win streaks, but we have also considered each character`s strength even when they are beaten in a battle. We have also considered the blade each character uses. With this review, you will be able to enjoy the Beyblade game and series with full knowledge of the best character to support next.

Top 10 Strongest Beyblade Characters

  • 1. Ginka 

Ginka hates no one, not even Ryuga, and Doji, whom he blames for his father`s death. He represents Autumn in the four seasons and has proved himself to be both a hero of the world and strong beyblader. He is also very loyal and doesn`t leave any of his friends in trouble. He only seeks to enjoy beyblading as his father taught him, but he has proved through all matches that he deserves his position as the number one Beyblader in the world.


Character Ginka


He is one of the only two players to defeat Ryuga, although he summoned the power of all Beybladers in the world to do it. He is also the only Beyblader to defeat Rago after gathering the power of Cosmic Pegasus with the help of all Beybladers. Ginka started training for the Beyblade at a young age with his Father Ryo, who later left him the legendary Pegasus, which he uses to defeat L Drago and the Dark Nebula.

Ginka is also the only Beyblader to save the world three times, making him the ultimate hero of the Beyblade. Ginka`s main job was learning to use the powers of the Pegasus. He later learned to summon the full power of Pegasus in every battle. He also learns to use other attack-style blades, making him one of the most adaptable attackers in the metal series.


  • 2. Ryuga

Ryuga is a powerful beyblader raised by the Dark Nebula to take over the world with the power of L Drago, one of the two original Beyblades. He represents the summer in the Four seasons.While playing in the metal series, he defeated all opponents except when the power of his blade was taken away.

He is ruthless at the beginning beating all opponents in his way, including his own teammates. Initially, he is tormented by a power-hungry spell that is caused by the forbidden Beyblade that controls him. Throughout his dark spell, he destroys all beyblades in his way except Rago and Ginka. Ginka only defeated him because he combined the power of all the Beyblades into pagasis to beat L Drago.


Character Ryuga


Ryuga, despite winning so many battles, didn`t show any love for beyblading until he broke free from the influence of Nemesis. Ryuga also wanted the dark power of L Drago to be destroyed to free him and allow him to apply his own skills in the beyblade.

After retreating and restoring the power of L Drago to represent the flame rather than the darkness, he comes back to the world championship. He still beats his opponents even without the darkness proving himself as the most skilled beyblade. He proved that even without the powers of his blade, he is still the strongest beyblader.


  • 3. King

Born in Greece, King has a hard time growing up because his beyblade is taken away, and he is accused of being an unbeatable opponent until destiny brings him a blade from Mars. King is a funny blader who likes to brag about the powers of his Legendary Blade the Variables. It has powerful defensive and attack moves that proved important in the Metal Saga series. King never shies away from a fight and never settles for weak opposition. He is the best opponent to play against, as he always makes friends with the people he plays against.


Character King


He was very excited to meet Beybladers of his caliber after his hard time in Greece and manages to beat some of the strongest players in the series. From his debut at the Destroyer Dome Tournament to the final appearance at the Mayan Ruins, King puts up a better fight than any otherblader. He defeated Ginka, Jigsaw, and, most importantly, Masamune to become the legendary blader. He also puts up a great fight against Ryuga, showing the powerful moves that Ryuga later admits are special. He employs the power of the King of Thundersword to draw the power of Mars and use it to strike his opponents.


  • 4. Masamune

The self-declared number one Blader in the world also happens to be the strongest character in the series. He becomes King`s friend and Teammate after their first meeting and also proves himself as one of the hardest characters to beat in the entire series. Most admirable is his free spirit and determination. Masamune is arrogant, boastful, but most importantly, very brave.

He is also very persistent as he never gives up even when defeated. Masamune was born in Japan and was originally a member of Team Dungeon in America when one of his friends, Toby, gets too ill to play Beyblade, Masamune vows to battle and become the number one Blader in the world to pay for Toby treatment. He returned to Japan to defeat Ginka after hearing that he had won the World Championship.


Character Masamune


Tsubasa refuses to battle him because of his arrogance. Masamune also refuses to battle Yu Tendo, calling it a waste of time. He pursues Ginka to the Mayan Ruins and battles him again and again until he finally beats him. He also puts up a strong fight against Nemesis players proving to be a great team player as he helps the good guys save the world. Even after Ginka being declared the greatest blader in the world, Masamune still claims to be better than him. He also pulled off lots of strong attacking moves with his ray striker against Ryuga.


  • 5. Kai Hiwatari

Kai is one of the most adaptable beybladers from the original series that has proved unstoppable to the strongest players. Initially, as captain of Blade sharks, Kai is an antagonist that seeks only to destroy all Beyblades, which he blames for taking away his father. While under the influence of the darkness, he struggles with emotions and has a hard time making friends, but he is still the best player in all seasons. He manages to beat all his opponents and own all the four sacred Bitbeasts.


Character Kai Hiwatari


While most of his victories are with his bitbeast the Dranzer, he is still adaptable and learns to win with new blades faster than any player in the series. He struggles to get back to his usual self when defeated but manages to maintain a winning streak in both Manga and anime. Kai is also a good strategist that manages to defeat the Dragoons without even training.

He seems to read Tyson`s state of mind every time they play and also manages to master Brooklyn`s tricks when he finally beat him. He is the only character that is shown defeating Brooklyn. He also has a strong ability to turn enemies into friends. He and Tyson start as enemies, but Kai later learns to respect him and even trains him to beat tough opponents when they become teammates.


  • 6. Tyson Granger

Tyson is that natural beyblader who never knew how well he could play until after his mother`s death. He starts training with a dragon blade, which is an attacking blade. He masters his attack skills but becomes weak at stamina and defending. Despite winning many important bitbattles, he is still beaten by other beybladers who can combine more skills in one game.


Character Tyso Granger


Tyson is the main protagonist of the anime series, which is why he stays top of the series, but even as a player, Tyson`s skills are admirable. In the beginning, Tyson struggles to master his moves and doesn`t understand what beyblading really means to him. He later masters his steps and develops a strong team spirit that helps him beat the strongest beybladers he faces. He owns the strongest Dragoon bitbeast that has the wind element and delivers the strongest attacks of any Dragon blade.

Tyson became the greatest beyblader in the world, winning three world championships in a row, all thanks to better training and maturing mentally as a Beyblader. Tyson, however, seems to take too much risk and sometimes fails to apply common sense. He is, however, a strong team player and never leaves the members of his team behind.


  • 7. Chris

Chris is the player for hire that appears in all four seasons as a formidable opponent. He has a dark past as well. He worked for Nemesis before later, leaving him to join the legendary bladers to stop him from destroying the world. Before meeting the Legendary bladers, Chris was abandoned by his former teammates at a tournament. He had a hard time trusting other players afterward but later makes a reliable protagonist in the series. He earns a living by being hired to play games, which is why every win is so important for him.


Character Chris


Chris comes with his stamina blade Phantom Orion which can counter almost any attack making him the hardest player to beat. Chris is the most confident of the Four seasons players. He represents the Winter and relies solely on his training. He trained in harsh conditions in the mountains, jungle, and ice to gain more skills than all Beyblades. Sometimes he is overconfident and doesn`t always finish well but manages to make a comeback every time.


  • 8. Tsubasa Otori

Tsubasa is one of the best Beyblades but he is mostly underestimated because of his friendly character. When he first appears in metal fusion, he appears as a pleasant character that is out to help people and plays for the fun. He later joins Dark Nebula and plays for the money, but it later turns out that he was an undercover agent for WBBA, seeking to uncover the secrets of Dark Nebula. Tsubasa is a strategist that keeps a straight head during all beybattles and manages to pull off great victories against strong opponents.


Tsubasa Otori


His high spirits and adaptability are only affected when he travels into the darkness but manages to come out strong after learning to control the darkness and still put up a great fight. His blade is the Earth Eagle 145WD balance type blade that is popular for its ability to use the wind to its advantage. He uses his blade to save Ginka at his fast appearance and employs powerful maneuvers to defeat Kumasuke and the other players of dark Nebula.

Tsubasa defeats all his teammates to become the president of WBBA. After his time in the darkness, Tsubasa is alert throughout the series and now understands the powers of Earth Eagle better.He finished as the unstoppable blader of the entire metal series.


  • 9. Rago

Rago is also known as the son of Nemesis, Rago proved to be the most powerful Antagonist in the series. Only the combined power of all Beybladers could defeat him. Rago has no friends except Nemesis and doesn`t stop at anything to hurt his opponents. He also enjoys watching people suffer and refers to his opponents as worms. He doesn`t fear anything as he fully believes in the unstoppable power of Nemesis, which protects him against all bladers.


Beyblade Rago


He was the first person ever to control Nemesis becoming the most powerful blader n the world. The dark power of Nemesis that he controlled could destroy even the person that carried it as it did with Bao. His blade is known as Diablo Nemesis, and it has incredible power through a move known as Armageddon. When unleashed, Armageddon destroys all other bladers and everything in the environment.

He gathered the full power of the black sun allowing his strikes to be seen even from space. He never lost any big battles except the last one against Ginka, who consolidated the power of all bladers in his attack blade, the Cosmic Pegasus. He was then defeated and thrown into the bottomless pit and declared dead.


  • 10. Ray Kon

Ray is the go-to character who keeps a clear head and seems to have advice for everyone on the team. He is the only person that manages to develop a friendship with Kai and appears to be the most mature member of the Bladebreakers. He has some of the swiftest attack skills in the series and considers himself to be Tyson`s greatest rival. He also owns one of the four sacred Bitbeasts, the Driger, which he uses to launch attack moves that prove very effective in all the seasons.


Beyblade Ray Kon


He is also a great coach on launching styles as he trains everyone in his team before battles. His ability to let go of grudges and keep his team together is also amazing. In Beyblade, he actually beats Tyson in the first round before Tyson makes a comeback. He also survives powerful strikes in the Russian tournaments, including the ones from Bryan. Ray just loves the game and enjoys battling better opponents each time.


Final Note

Every Beyblade fan has their favorite character, but everyone enjoys the battlers that put up the strongest fight. With the Beyblade, you can admire the best blades or just the most amazing personalities. Whether you love the original series bladers or other powerful characters that came later, this series has something for you. We have discussed the special characters that make the strongest characters in the whole Beyblade series loved by all fans.

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