How to Make a Cake Pop Stand

How to Make a Cake Pop Stand: Best Tips for You

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Cake pops scream fun and joy. They are a hit at most parties, be it for your kids or for a holiday celebration with family. While there are many flavors and decorations to make your cake pop one of a kind, the presentation is also equally important. You wouldn’t want them to tilt or fall off before anyone gets to enjoy them. So, this article is all about how to make a cake pop stand.

Cake pop stands are available in the markets, and you can find many creative ones online too. They range from simple surfaces to 2-3 tiers tall and even one with sparkly LED lights! But they can cost more than the entire contents and assemble of the cake pop itself. What if we told you there was a simple, DIY, and budget-friendly way to make a cute and artsy cake pop stand at home? Follow through and learn how to make one and be the star of your next party.


How to Make a Cake Pop Stand: Step by Step Guide

There are many ways to make and decorate a cake pop stand. Here are a few that are quite easy to make, and most of the stuff required is already lying around in the house.

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Cake Pop Stand with a Board

  • If you want a tough, sturdy, and reusable cake pop stand that won’t deteriorate over time, we suggest using a wooden board. Use the wooden back of a large photo frame, an old cutting board you don’t use anymore, or you can get one from a shop at a really good price.
  • Ideally, it should be a rectangle, but it can be in any shape as long as you are ok with it.
  • Next, you will need a drill machine. If you are a homeowner, you might have one in your toolbox already.
  • Then you’ll want to draw out a grid with a few inches of space in between and start drilling in the holes. Make sure that you measure the diameter of the stick, and make the holes of the same width so that they can fit tightly and stand upright.
  • If the board is not smooth, sand it down a little and paint it a nice shade. And that’s all! Your fancy cake pop stand is ready to use for years to come.


Cake Pop Stand with Styrofoam

  • This is the most budget-friendly option and the simplest to make. You will require minimum tools, basically just a block of Styrofoam and the sticks used for the cake pops.
  • Cut the Styrofoam in whichever shape and form you desire. To get a cut with smooth and well-finished edges, warm the knife a bit and cut it in one smooth stroke. You can use the warm knife to shape the edges and round them off well.
  • These Styrofoam blocks can be cut in a square, circle, rectangle, or any other fun shape. It’s your chance to be creative. You can also cut it according to the theme of the party.
  • Next, you have to cover the block with paper or a colorful wrapping sheet. You can decorate it any way you like. You can also use glitter glue to make it sparkle and shine.
  • The final step is making uninformed and clean holes through the cake pop sticks, and then fixing the cake pops on the Styrofoam block.
  • Make sure that the Styrofoam sheet you are using is thick enough so that at least half the length of the cake pop stick can penetrate through. This ensures that the cake pops won’t tilt or fall, and will stay in a tight and upright position the entire time.
  • You can also make these Styrofoam cake pop stands to be in 2 or 3 tiers by gluing smaller blocks over the bigger ones.
  • The Styrofoam blocks can also be covered with upside-down boxes instead of wrapping sheets.


Cake Pop Stand with Egg Carton

  • This is a simple way to make a cute and fancy cake pop stand. Cut down the egg carton according to the number of cake pops you want to make.
  • Next, draw the same shape and size of the egg carton on a sheet of Styrofoam and cut it in the same way as described above.
  • Then glue to tape the Styrofoam and egg carton together, keeping the raised areas of the egg carton cup.
  • Cut small holes or slits on the egg carton the same size as the cake pop sticks.
  • Then decorate this whole assembly with wrapping papers, scrapbook sheets, decorations, and glitter.
  • You can save this assemble and keep changing the wrapping papers for all parties with cake pops on the menu.


Wrapped Cake Pops

  • Here is another suggestion that might work that doesn’t involve a cake pop stand but is still quite cheap and easy to make at home.
  • For this, all you need is a cellophane bag and some colorful ribbons. Use the cellophane bag to wrap the hardened cake pops and wrap them around with ribbons. You can embellish the wrappers with stickers or glitters. They’ll make the cake pops look like actual lollipops!
  • These can be given out as party favors for the kids. You can also use this idea for leftover cake pops at the end of the party.
  • Although this is a cheap and good idea, it is fairly time-consuming, so only go for it if you have the patience to follow through!


Bottom Line

No matter which method you go for, make sure that it’s safe and has a good finishing. Round off sharp edges, and if you are using a wood board for the stand, finish it well to remove splinters from the surface. If used carefully with well-drilled holes, these cake pops can be used again and again with different themes and decorations. All you will need to do is change the wrapping paper over the cake pop stand, and you will have a long-lasting and beautiful stand to display all those tasty and sweet cake pops.

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