How to Sharpen Darts

How to Sharpen Darts Properly

Whether you’re using darts made of Brass barrels, nickel barrels, or the most expensive tungsten barrels, chances are that they have steel tips. Unlike soft tips that are only used on electronic boards, steel tips are famously used on bristle boards and are commonly found in most pubs, clubs, and professional tournaments. Now, if you’re …

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Dart Practice Routines

How to Practice Darts

When did you get your first experience with darts? According to most folks, the first time they ever played darts was in a pub, a recreational center, or an amusement park with friends and family. While most people play darts as a way to pass time, those that are willing to go beyond the pub …

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Darts Scoring

How to Score Darts

If you have watched professionals play darts, then I believe what you loved most about this sport was the simplicity of picking the darts and throwing them on the board. However, when it comes to the real issue of darts scoring, there’s a lot more about this sport than what meets the eye. First, you …

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